Mar 2018

Software for Stability Testing Cosmetics

If you require stability testing cosmetics such as the preservative efficacy test (PET), commonly known as challenge testing or other scheduled tests that are performed in your business, we have good news for you! We’ve further improved product Manager's testing and QA features, with a new all-in-one console for fast and easy management of stability testing.

stability testing cosmetics

Preservative efficacy test (PET) or antimicrobial effectiveness testing (AET) is required for the assessment of the antimicrobial preservation of most cosmetic products. You can now easily and quickly build stability-type test groups for stability testing cosmetics, set the intervals for each test and once applied to an item’s QA, see at a glance when tests are due and the complete results or your challenge testing. Tests can now have custom statuses for ease of reference when stability testing, with the key for these displayed beneath each group’s view.

Challenge testing groups can be associated with the following QA workflows:

  • Raw materials
  • Packaging items
  • Formulas
  • Retained samples

All challenge testing data can be exported to .pdf and .xls in the same easy-to-view format, including any documents uploaded to the test results.

As an existing user, you can import a ready-to-use example stability testing group and try it out for yourself. Just go to Import Data/Shared Data/Import, select the data type ‘Test Group’ and import ‘Stability Test Group Demo'. Open this test group from the Tests/QA menu and select any item you wish to associate it with.

If you would like to trial this new feature free for 14 days, you can select to include demo data in your trial account, including a demo stability testing group applied to a retained product batch sample.

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