cosmetics packaging software


Build packaging sets for each unit size of a product, including assembly instructions. Apply QA to packaging components, allowing only approved batches to be available for pack-out. Fast manual dispense of packaging sets or at the pack-out stage of a manufacturing order. Test packaging sets at R&D stage along with formula samples. Full packaging inventory management, including MRP, costs and dispense lists.

Packaging Included
Build packaging sets and associate with SKUs/pack sizes +
Calculation of packaging set costs, including labor and materials +
Packaging sets R&D – test packaging in conjunction with formula samples +
Full QA/testing of packaging components +
Lock approved packaging set and all components +
Generate CoA for packaging components +
Packaging components including batch management +
Packaging inventory control +
Packaging dispense lists (simple and full versions) +
Packaging MRP reporting +
Packaging set assembly instructions +
One-click pack-out of manufacturing order, with all required packaging inventory calculated (FIFO) +
Manual pack-out of packaging sets, with all required packaging inventory calculated (FIFO) +
Packaging components ‘where used’ (in packaging sets) +
Upload packaging documents +
Hide expired packaging component batches +
Clone packaging component set +
Create task for packaging item +
Audit log for inventory changes +
Assign batches to location and sub-location +
Move inventory between locations +
Split batches to customers and/or locations +
Dispense pack-out by customer and/or locations +