cosmetics formulation software

R&D / Formulation

Create projects to clarify the concept, customer demographic and other key data forming the NPD brief. Build project checklists for effective project management. Clone an approved project’s data to any linked products as the basis for the specification. Intuitive, fast formulation with overview of all formula versions and their statuses.

R&D / Formulation Included
Clone approved project-level data to product, as basis for specification +
Unlimited formula versions per product +
Merge formulas to new version, including scaling tool +
Ingredients Watch alerts at formula level – monitors for regulatory changes +
Formula approval log +
Select a master Formula and lock from editing +
PIF export for master and production-mode formulas +
Formulate using only allowed ingredients (by Compliance and Advisory List(s)) +
Formula summary, last updated, status, etc +
Formulate by %w/w +
Formulate by weight and volume, including US and metric +
Formulate by drops +
Add ingredient directly to formula (approx 31,000, searchable by INCI, CAS, EINECS, etc) +
Scale formula up/down to 100%w/w +
Formulate by stages/phases +
Filter raw materials available to formulate by property tags e.g. organic, halal, or vegan +
%w/w ingredient breakdown, min., max., exact %w/w +
On-the-fly formula costs, per L/kg +
Prevents use of banned or unlisted ingredients, or raw materials by compliance zone +
Compare formula versions, inc, export to .xls +
Manage additional colors/shades +
Formulate to accuracy of 0.0000001 +
Manage development batches (formula samples), inc. inventory control +
Developments batch QA/testing +
Raw material batch ‘sample only’ status +
Full testing/QA at formula level +
Custom formula approval statuses +
One-click formula clone +
Advanced formula specification export with templates +
Formula import wizard +
Fully configurable custom fields for product and formula +
Select a master Formula and lock from editing +
Build advanced report templates and report by formulas/td> +
R&D – Projects & Tasks Management Included
Associate project with product(s) +
Associate project with Customer +
Allow Customer to enter project request +
Custom project statuses +
Clone project data to product requirements +
View log of project status changes +
Project checklists, inc. checklist templates +
Create task for project +
Upload photos e.g. of packaging ideas and benchmark products +
Project summary viewable in product level +
Authorized users have project approval rights +
User tasks list on dashboard +
Compliance Checker tasks (auto) +
Custom tasks may be included in Compliance Checker score +
Custom task statuses +
Task-based notes/reminders +
Custom task – product +
Custom tasks – formula +
Custom tasks – raw material +
Custom tasks – ingredient +
Custom tasks – document +
Custom tasks – company +
Custom tasks – product batch +
Custom tasks – project +