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We’re excited to announce that we have now successfully moved cosmetri to HTTP/2 - the latest HTTP successor designed by Engineering Task Force (IETF) to fix limitations found on HTTP/1.1. It provides the Internet with a much-needed upgrade in terms of security, speed and reliability to keep up with the rapid growth of the world wide web.

Here’s a summary of the benefits:

• Faster Page Loading – cosmetri is now lightning fast!, since HTTP/2 eliminates known flaws and limitations.

• Improved Security – Since HTTP/2 already has encryption enabled by default, it further reinforces security at the core, beyond cosmetri's existing high-strength SSL-encryption.

• Compatible with HTTP/1.1 – For browsers that still run on HTTP/1.1, they may still communicate seamlessly with HTTP/2-powered browsers and servers. Both protocols can choose which version to use when communicating with each other.

• Mobile-friendly – With enhanced header compression, HTTP/2 reduces the high volume of requests, thus minimizing required bandwidth when using cosmetri via a mobile connection or a weak wi-fi signal.

Want to try out a trial of the latest, super-fast version of cosmetri?

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