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Cosmetri is exactly what we needed. We have tested almost all the products on the market, this is the best. Also it is very easy to use, very intuitive. Additional bonus: everything is in one place, perfect! Did I mention superior service?

Marek Hewryk

I just want you to know that we really appreciate your personal involvement with this process. This is a big step for our company as we have outgrown our old archaic method of generating formulas in Microsoft Excel and using non-industry specific manufacturing software. I’ve been amazed about how quickly I can enter formulas in to Cosmetri now that I have most of our common raw materials set up. It all just makes sense!

Robert Hohf

Microbiologist & Quality Assurance Lead RainShadowLabs
We are a contract manufacturer and as such I manage the PIF for many products and brands. I am delighted to have found Cosmetri because it allows me to organise all of our products by brand. Cosmetri is extremely user friendly and the customer support is excellent. The package is essential for document control, PIF management and regulatory compliance. Cosmetri is great for small to medium companies, but I have been impressed to find the package is completely flexible to support the requirements of larger businesses too. Cosmetri is exactly what I have been looking for in a lab software package. A huge thanks to the team.

Lisa Grant

Co-Founder Wold's Manufacturing Services Ltd
I estimate that Cosmetri will reduce the time taken for my PIF and production administration by at least 50%. I honestly believe Cosmetri offers an efficient, top-quality and affordable lifeline for small to medium cosmetics businesses, and, as its producers claim, helps level the cosmetics industry playing field.
Blooming Naturals NL

Andrew Cox

Managing Director Blooming Naturals NL
I'm very excited about this software. Honestly it is a complete godsend to a small business owner like me. This has given me everything I need to get started on the right foot.

Jenny Cupido

I think Cosmetri is very good software and your attention to clients and detail are excellent. Good quality product, easy to use, simply explained and well serviced.

Egle Gudelyte Harvey

Founder LaTobula
Cosmetri has been invaluable in ensuring that I have all my information in one place, that I follow my GMP and most importantly that all my products are fully compliant with EU Legislation. This means I can spend more time doing what I love the most – making and formulating products!
hipsley green aromatherapy

Caroline Sammon

Founder Hipsley Green Aromatherapy

Formulate. Comply. Manage.

Save time and eliminate costly mistakes.
Advanced tools for cosmetics and personal care products.


The software for cosmetics and personal care businesses.

Cosmetri is designed for professionals involved in the formulation, safety assessment, compliance, manufacture and management of cosmetics and personal care products, including:

  • make-up and skin care
  • bath & body
  • spa products
  • oral hygiene
  • haircare
  • perfumes
  • soap

Cosmetri is a solution that many businesses of all sizes have already adopted - from small scale start-ups, to high street brands, cosmetics labs and contract manufacturers with several thousand products.

The right solution for your business

Cosmetri is available in three versions:

Secure cloud

Accessible securely via a standard internet browser, with no installation or updating required. Hosting, maintenance, updates and backups are included in the subscription price. Click here for prices and plans.

Enterprise, hybrid cloud

Enjoy all of the advantages of cloud computing, with your database and files stored on your own Linux web server. Click here for further details.


Ideal for large companies, we can provide a stand-alone version of Cosmetri, with access restricted to one or more designated IP addresses, effectively firewalling your application from the internet. For further information please apply.

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