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The only workflow software for cosmetics businesses.

We want your business to be a success and understand the many challenges facing cosmetics companies in keeping up with complex regulations, maintaining batch traceability, complying with GMP, managing your raw materials inventory… to mention just a few!

Cosmetics businesses have been relying for too long on spreadsheets and other inefficient tools. Finally, with Cosmetri there is a solution at hand – a solution that many businesses of all sizes have already adopted - from small scale start-ups, to high street brands and contract manufacturers with several thousand products.

So how is Cosmetri different from other software?

Cosmetri is first and foremost a workflow software – in fact it’s the only workflow software on the market designed specifically for cosmetics and personal care businesses. It also places compliance at the heart of the workflow – vital for any forward-thinking cosmetics business looking to adopt more efficient practices.

Cosmetri’s unique Compliance Checker monitors your products and alerts you to any missing regulatory data or documents. It generates simple to understand, actionable tasks which can also be assigned to team members or contracted professionals such as your safety assessor or laboratory. In the few minutes between the phone ringing, its easy to work task-by-task and see the results of your work.

Your products are monitored from batch-to-batch, ensuring that you maintain compliance throughout a product’s lifecycle. You’ll be informed of exactly what actions need to be taken, making it easy to integrate regulatory compliance fully into your business workflow.

With the unique Cosmetri tasks manager, designed specifically for cosmetics businesses, you can effectively manage any and all tasks in your business. Finally, running a cosmetics or personal care business is manageable again! You’ll save time, eliminate costly mistakes, stay compliant and enjoy working in a business that is far less stressful!

If you're concerned about how to enter data and maintain your software, we have the solution. For only €10.00 per hour (exc. VAT), you can extend your team with one or more trained virtual assistants (VAs). Each Cosmetri VA is carefully selected - including an English proficiency and IQ test, DISC assessment and ID checking. We take care of recruitment, management and initial training, providing you with ready-to-go, skilled and competent VAs who can support your team with routine tasks such as data entry, document management and contacting suppliers. For information and booking, click here.

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Take a tour of the main features of Cosmetri:
workflow / compliance / manufacturing / quality assurance & GMP / formulation / batch traceability / packaging / costs calculator


Cosmetri's unique tasks manager is designed especially for cosmetics businesses. Easily integrate auto-generated compliance tasks into your business workflow and create custom tasks for any type of activity, optionally associating these with any product, formula version or raw material. Set reminders and share notes with other users, including any professionals you grant access to Cosmetri, such as your safety assessor or in the laboratory. Each user's dashboard displays their tasks at-a-glance along with task statuses, ensuring that important deadlines are met and nothing is missed.

compliance software for cosmetics businesses


The Compliance Checker monitors your products, alerting you to missing data or documents and generating easy to action tasks. Set compliance zones for each formula and add custom links to your preferred regulatory data sources, in addition to those available within the application. Full integration with CosIng enables easy and fast lookup of EU regulatory data, while the EU Ingredients Watch alerts you to any changes to data for ingredients in your formulas.

e for cosmetics businesses


Enter an expected yield value and Cosmetri will calculate all required inventory for any target amount, including converting volume and weight values. Configure tests for quality assurance, with each manufacturing order assigned a logical sequence of approval statuses, from the setup stage right through to final release of your product batch. At the dispense stage, Cosmetri will calculate all required inventory, generating a dispense list and labels. During pack-out, any packaging set associated with each unit size of your product will enable assignment of all required packaging inventory.

quality and assurance and GMP for cosmetics businesses

Quality Assurance & GMP

Tests can be easily configured, from simple pass/fail type to laboratory tests requiring values that fall within specified ranges. Easily set test schedules for challenge tests and assign a test operator, with all due dates calculated. Configure test groups which can be associated with received raw materials, formulas, manufacturing orders and even packaging items. Any tests must be passed before approval status can bet set, ensuring tight integration with Cosmetic GMP ISO:22716. User logs show the history of status changes. Export test result to PDF and XLS.

formulation software for cosmetics businesses


Your Cosmetri account comes pre-loaded with approx. 25,000 ingredients, searchable by INCI and CAS. Directly add these ingredients to your formula’s composition, with Cosmetri automatically converting these to raw materials to enable you to add supplier batch information, inventory and regulatory data and documents. Easily clone any formula version for fast and effective trial formulation and R&D. Cosmetri calculates your label of ingredients (EU), including rules for perfume allergens, colors, etc.

batch traceability software for cosmetics businesses

Batch Traceability

Maintain batch traceability through integration with Cosmetri’s manufacturing module, with your formula auto-updated to the latest raw materials batch associations for each product batch you produce. Generate up-to-date PIFs and batch protocols and achieve tighter compliance with Cosmetics GMP ISO:22716 through user logs, quality assurance, management of all regulatory documents and full traceability of all raw materials batches and their associated documents.

packaging software for cosmetics businesses


Manage your packaging materials and inventory. Create packaging sets which can be associated with any product and unit size. During the pack-out stage of the manufacturing order, simply enter the number of units filled and all packaging inventory will be auto-calculated and deducted. Enter costs for packaging items to include packaging set costs in your formula cost calculations. Set packaging items to auto-approve or associate with any test group for quality assurance.

costs calculator for cosmetics businesses

Costs Calculator

Enter costs for your raw materials batches, either as simple cost per weight/volume, or in arrays to show savings for bulk purchases. Include additional costs such as for shipping, labor or sales tax. Raw materials and packaging costs can be calculated for each unit size of your product and for any required production amount, including the total amount of each raw material required and the associated costs. Compare costs side-by-side for different formula versions and export the data to XLS.

The new solution for cosmetics businesses

Cosmetri is one of the new generation of secure, cloud applications, offering many advantages over traditional, on-premise software, such as:

  • simple subscription model - upgrade or downgrade at any time
  • no hidden charges such as 'per seat' licensing, or set up fees
  • scalable to your needs and budget, from SME to enterprise-level
  • hire trained VAs to support you with data entry and maintenance - only €10.00 p/h (xc. VAT)
  • no installation or updates - we take care of all of that!
  • maintenance and support included in the basic plan price
  • no binding contract - cancel at any time
  • mobile and flexible - work from anywhere – in the office, at home or on the road
  • protection of your data – we use industry-leading security scanning technology
  • backups included – we've got that covered too!

Workflow and compliance

Save time and eliminate costly mistakes.
Compliance-integrated workflow for cosmetics businesses.

I just want you to know that we really appreciate your personal involvement with this process. This is a big step for our company as we have outgrown our old archaic method of generating formulas in Microsoft Excel and using non-industry specific manufacturing software. I’ve been amazed about how quickly I can enter formulas in to Cosmetri now that I have most of our common raw materials set up. It all just makes sense!

Robert Hohf

Microbiologist & Quality Assurance Lead RainShadowLabs
We are a contract manufacturer and as such I manage the PIF for many products and brands. I am delighted to have found Cosmetri because it allows me to organise all of our products by brand. Cosmetri is extremely user friendly and the customer support is excellent. The package is essential for document control, PIF management and regulatory compliance. Cosmetri is great for small to medium companies, but I have been impressed to find the package is completely flexible to support the requirements of larger businesses too. Cosmetri is exactly what I have been looking for in a lab software package. A huge thanks to the team.

Lisa Grant

Co-Founder Wold's Manufacturing Services Ltd
I estimate that Cosmetri will reduce the time taken for my PIF and production administration by at least 50%. I honestly believe Cosmetri offers an efficient, top-quality and affordable lifeline for small to medium cosmetics businesses, and, as its producers claim, helps level the cosmetics industry playing field.
Blooming Naturals NL

Andrew Cox

Managing Director Blooming Naturals NL
I'm very excited about this software. Honestly it is a complete godsend to a small business owner like me. This has given me everything I need to get started on the right foot.

Jenny Cupido

I think Cosmetri is very good software and your attention to clients and detail are excellent. Good quality product, easy to use, simply explained and well serviced.

Egle Gudelyte Harvey

Founder LaTobula
Cosmetri has been invaluable in ensuring that I have all my information in one place, that I follow my GMP and most importantly that all my products are fully compliant with EU Legislation. This means I can spend more time doing what I love the most – making and formulating products!
hipsley green aromatherapy

Caroline Sammon

Founder Hipsley Green Aromatherapy
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