cosmetics lab testing software

Testing / QA

Configure test groups for precise quality management and standardization of all workflows. QA checklists ensure adherence to standard operating procedures and full traceability. Fast test configuration and results entry. Conduct stability testing on retained production batches and formula samples. CoA generation, batch protocols and comprehensive test reports. Auto-change approval statuses when a raw material or formula expires or  a test is not completed.

Testing / QA Included
Fully configurable tests +
Tests schedule +
Laboratory-type tests requiring result within defined range +
Pass/fail tests +
QA checklists for SOP/WI compliance +
QA checklists schedule (daily/weekly/custom) e.g. for routine maintenance +
Stability tests admin panel +
Export stability test data +
‘Fill-down’ for fast configuration +
Perform repeat tests, e.g. for OOS investigation +
Queue test for future date with auto change of QA status if not completed +
Custom test statuses +
Import pre-built stability test group +
Upload documents to test results +
Export test results (inc. uploaded documents) +
Tests in-use locked from editing +
QA: received raw materials +
Generate CoA for product batches, raw materials and packaging components +
QA: development batches (formula samples) +
QA: in-process manufacturing +
QA: product batches +
QA: packaging +
QA: retained samples +
Raw material QA labels +
Bar-coded sample labels +
Create task for test group +