cosmetics manufacturing software


Fast, user-friendly management of production orders with integrated quality control and testing, including SOP checklists. Separate production workflow for QA formula samples. Enter amounts in either weight or volume. Batch protocols for traceability, including dispense lists, batch tickets and in-process test reports. Generation of production reports, including by customer group. Configure QA to prevent production using non-approved formulas, expired raw materials, etc.

Production Included
Full manufacturing order management +
Full production/compliance integration +
Full development batch (formula samples) management +
Production reports, by customer group, products and timeframe +
Inventory control +
Inventory check, prior to dispense +
Inventory low alerts +
Expiry date alerts +
Batch tickets +
Dispense lists +
Quick dispense list version +
Dispense to accuracy of 0.0000001 kg/L +
Compliance Checker integration +
Product density +
Expected yield % +
One-click pack-out +
Auto or custom batch/lot no’s +
Product batch protocols – full history and associated documents for each product batch +
Dispense multiple raw material batches +
Full testing and QA integration +
Full testing and QA integration +
Generate CoA for product batch +
Retained samples QA, e.g. for stability testing of product batches +
QA checklists for production SOP/WI adherence +
Auto update formula to dispensed RM batches +
Auto backup of production formulas +
Restore production formula +
Create task for product batch +
Audit log for inventory changes +
Assign batches to location and sub-location +
Move inventory between locations +
Split batches to customers and/or locations +
Dispense by customer and/or locations +