Features for Compliance with Cosmetics GMP ISO 22716

Cosmetri GMP is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud-based application for compliance with GMP ISO 22716.

Use Cosmetri GMP as a standalone application or integrate with Product Manager for maximum ISO 22716 compliance. Users can seamlessly switch between applications, provided a user seat is available in each application.

The following matrix shows the full range of GMP features available with these applications. Features in the Product Manager with a + indicate integration with Cosmetri GMP if subscribed to both applications. Future releases of Cosmetri GMP will provide further integration capabilities.

Cosmetri GMP
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Product Manager
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    • Complete account GMP statistics+

      Logged in user summary – by risk level+

      Logged in user summary – by item type+

      Logged in user summary – by item status+

      Logged in user summary – by date added+

      Click to open item from Dashboard+

    • Covers all sections of ISO:22716+

      Customize ISO:22716 sections covered by audit+

      Tablet mode for on-location auditing, inc. photo upload+

      Warning if audit is incomplete – approval blocked+

      Warn of associated Issues before final approval+

      Full audit change log and user traceability+

      Appoint Internal Auditors+

      Set view-only access permissions for users+

      Email alerts to Head of Management and Internal Auditor+

      Create Issue from audit section/question+

      Set Internal Audit frequency+

      Email reminder and alert when new audit due to commence+

      Alert when current audit due to be completed+

      Review approved GMP docs related to each audit section+

      Final approval required by Head of Management+

      Archive of all completed Internal Audits+

    • Organization-wide Issue reporting for effective QMS+

      CAPA required action to resolve issue+

      Set Issue risk level for QRM+

      Set users allowed to participate in discussion to achieve resolution+

      Set Issue Owner+

      Set Issue Manager+

      Associate Issue with GMP document(s)+

      Associate Issue with Supplier+

      Supplier Corrective Action Required (SCAR)+

      Associate Issue with Internal Audit question+

      Associate Issue with Location+

      Associate Issue with Equipment+

      Associate Issue with Customer Complaint+

      Upload additional documents to Issue+

    • ISO:22716 departments and roles+

      Add custom roles and departments+

      Alert if required ISO:22716 role is not assigned+

      Role-base permissions+

      Transfer role between team members+

      User traceability and audit logging+

      Set chains of command+

      De-activate user to release user seat, retain all user log data+

      Add unlimited users*+

      Administrator can revoke user access+

      Grant existing Product Manager user access*+

    • 4-level folder structure for GMP+

      30 SOP templates for ISO:22716+

      Manage GMP docs inc. SOPs, WIs, Forms, etc+

      Add custom GMP doc types+

      Document version control+

      Set optional custom version ID+

      Auto-set old versions as superseded+

      Associate GMP docs with items+

      ‘Freeze’ associated document versions+

      Custom UID for referencing master document+

      Approval management with document statuses+

      Set GMP document review cycle+

      Set users who may approve documents+

      Set users who may upload documents+

      User document activity log+

      Set document recipients+

      Email document recipients+

      Require recipient read confirmation+

      Set new version as minor change only+

      Search and filter documents+

      GMP document review integral to Internal Audit+

      Export document archive as .zip+

      Supplier GMP docs+

      Optionally upload e-signed PDFs+

      In-application document viewer (PDF)+

    • Set Local authority recall coordinator+

      Associate Authority with SUE or Product Recall+

      Set contact person at the Authority+

      Set preferred method of contact+

      Optional URL for online contact/submission+

      View/export change log

    • Associate equipment item with location or sub-location

      Manage checklists for routine maintenance and cleaning

      Auto generated checklists e.g. on daily, weekly or monthly

      Manage CAPA-based Issues for equipment items