View and optimize the formula’s materials costs per L/kg as you formulate. Enter materials and packaging costs in any currency. Conversion of foreign currency costs using current exchange rates. Enter optional price points/arrays, production and other cost factoring. Calculation of BoM costs for any production amount. Easy calculation of profitability of each unit size, with side-by-side comparison of costs and profit margins for different formula versions.


Costing Included
Product/formula cost calculations, for any production volume +
Compare formula costs side-by-side +
On-the-fly formula costs, per L/kg +
Fast BoM generation with full costing per raw material +
Enter costs in any currency +
Update raw material costs from formula view +
Live exchange rates +
Costs per pack/unit size +
Cost per raw material +
Cost arrays for bulk savings +
Calculate distributor profit margin +
Calculate retail profit margin +
Set target bulk product costs per kg/L +
Alert if product costs too high +
Set production costs per kg/L +
On-the-fly formula costs, per L/kg +
Packaging costs +
Alert for missing costs +
Monitor product costs and profit margin as amount and %, by unit size +
Formulate to accuracy of 0.0000001 +
Export costing data to .xls +