Apr 2024

Cosmetri Product Release Updates: Q1 2024 

In Q1 of 2024, Cosmetri released three new features and several feature updates. These releases allow Cosmetri users to manage ingredients, compare formulas and tests, and comply with EU regulations for perfume allergens. 

New Feature: Ingredient Management

Our first new feature for Cosmetri in 2024, launched on February 6, was a major release with powerful new tools for managing ingredients and usability.  

With this launch, it’s now possible for platform users to: 

  • Assign an approval status to an ingredient 
  • Create custom statuses and customize filter and list views 
  • Set which users can approve ingredients  
  • Lock ingredient data panel once an ingredient has been approved 

This new feature makes it easier for formulators to manage their internal clean beauty lists and approved ingredients better. 

Cosmetri users can access this new feature in their Ingredients or Advisory lists tab, Compliance, and Composition tabs. You can also fully configure the behavior and set up customer parameters using the admin settings. 

New Feature: Formula and Test Comparison 

Launched February 15, Cosmetri’s second new Q1 feature allows Cosmetri customers to compare formulas from different products and select multiple products during comparison. 

This feature gives platform users flexibility when comparing items and improves test comparison functionality and usability. Our goal is to make the formulation research process more transparent and efficient for R&D and formulation professionals. 

Access this new feature through your Formula Comparison tab. 

New Feature: Ingredient Grouping (Perfume Allergens) 

Our final Q1 Cosmetri ingredient grouping feature, launched on March 7, 2024, makes it easy for users to comply with recent updates to the European Union’s (EU) perfume allergen regulations. 

This regulation expands the list of allergens to be listed on cosmetic product labels from 24 to over 80 allergens. To address concerns about labeling space and complexity, the regulation also allows substances with similar properties to be listed under a group name rather than individually. 

With this new feature, cosmetics formulators and R&D professionals can group ingredients under a single name to increase efficiency and streamline compliance with product labeling regulations. 

Cosmetri users can access this feature through their Formula Compliance and Label tabs. You can also set up custom compliance zones and new authority sources through your admin settings. 

Updates and Upgrades

Along with the new features above, Registrar Corp has also made substantial updates to current features, including: 

  • Ingredient tags: The February 6 release also included a major upgrade to the ingredients tag feature. Users can now create custom tags for raw ingredients and select which should be excluded in product formulas for better control and compliance. 
  • Advisory lists: Functional improvements give Cosmetri customers the ability to filter ingredients in their advisory list based on the ingredient status filter. Users can also hide columns to only show data relevant to them. 

Customizable Cosmetics Software With Cosmetri

At Registrar Corp, we’re dedicated to building customer-focused products for cosmetics facilities. Cosmetri’s product management and GMP features are designed with customer use and current and upcoming compliance regulations in mind. 

If you have questions about how to best use our new features, please contact us or get in touch with your account manager. 

Not a Cosmetri customer? Learn how you can streamline operations, accelerate product development, and assure compliance by requesting your product demo today

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