Dec 2023

Cosmetri Product Release Updates: Q4 2023

We’re pleased to announce a new version of Cosmetri’s release notes: a quarterly product innovation roundup. In these articles, you will learn about new user features, product releases, and updates to the Cosmetri platform.  

Cosmetri Product Innovation: Q4 2023  

In Summer and Fall 2023, Cosmetri released three new major features. These releases give users access to advanced controls and tools that allow them to easily compare test results, control merging formulas, and customize production reports such as the batch ticket and dispense list. 

New Feature: Test Results Comparison 

This feature contains test results comparison tools for all item types completed, including stability test comparisons. 

Users can compare results for any single test between selected items, such as development batches. They can even view results across different item types such as formulas, retained product batch samples, or raw materials.  

The new stability test view also enables easy, at-a-glance viewing and the ability to isolate single tests in the stability test group to help identify trends and pinpoint issues. 

Screenshot of new Cosmetri stability test comparison feature for Q4 2023.

This feature primarily benefits: 

  • Product Managers and R&D teams: Test samples and compare stability test results across multiple samples built for different formula iterations.
  • Manufacturers: Compare test results for different retained product batch samples. 

Users can access this feature in an items ‘QA’ or ‘Approve’ tab, or in any stability test panel view, and export the test results views to .xlsx.  

New Feature:  Advanced Controls for Merging Formulas 

This release includes new, advanced controls for merging formulas as separate components, such as for aerosol products and dual-compartment dispensers.  With Cosmetri’s new advanced controls for merging formulas, users can:

  • Select component formulas and set %w/w of each in final product  
  • Adjust specific gravity of each formula and auto calculate specific gravity of merged formula 
  • Scale each formula %w/w to achieve exactly 100%w/w in merged formula version  
  • Allow % for headspace (e.g., for aerosol containers)  
  • Set container total capacity (ml) and automatically calculate fill weight in ml and g  
  • View details of components and formula merge data  

Screenshot of Cosmetri's new merge formula advanced controls feature for Q4 2023.

This feature was originally designed to support aerosol products. But it can also be useful for any product with two or more components that must each be managed as separate formulas and merged into one final product formula. This can make it easy for users to calculate the loss on ignition (LOI), check product compliance, and more.  

Another use case for this feature could be dual-system cosmetic products where the container has two separate products that are then dispensed as one product for application.  

This feature primarily benefits:  

  • Product Managers 
  • R&D teams 
  • Formulators 
  • Manufacturers 

 Users can access this new feature in the Formula view under “Merge formulas.”  

New Feature:  Production Reports Display Configuration 

Our final release for this update is a set of configurable options for display of production reports. The Reports tab accessed by the admin user has been overhauled, making it easier to customize reports. 

Cosmetri’s product report display configuration options cover a range of reports for both manufacturing orders and development batches, from batch tickets to packaging dispense lists.  

 Options users can now select: 

  • A4 page orientation per report type 
  • Display required columns 
  • Option to display %w/w and amount in separate columns (batch tickets) 
  • Export production reports including GHS data 
  • Hide additional instructions fields, signature, and confirmation section 

Other changes include improved report header areas to maximize space, enhanced admin settings, and greater granular control of equipment and test-related fields. 

Screenshot of Cosmetri's production report display configuration Q4 2023 feature.

This feature primarily benefits:  

  • Product Managers and R&D teams:  Manage R&D samples using the development batches feature.  
  • Manufacturers:  Leverage the manufacturing orders feature for commercial production. 

Users can access this feature by logging in as an admin user to view the new options under Reports. We've also introduced new packaging set inventory functionality and enabled preliminary dispense labels to be printed prior to final dispense of raw material batches. 

Customizable Cosmetics Software With Cosmetri 

At Registrar Corp, we’re dedicated to building customer-focused products for cosmetics facilities. Cosmetri’s product management and GMP features are designed with and for our users and we strive to create solutions that optimize their experience and maximize results. 

If you have questions about how to best use our new features, please contact us or get in touch with your account manager. 

New to Cosmetri? Learn how you can streamline operations, accelerate product development, and assure compliance by requesting your product demo today. 




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