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Free one-to-one support service now launched

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Whether you’re a paid subscriber to Cosmetri, a free trial user or simply have a question about any aspect of using the software in your cosmetics business, we’re here to help! Our new Skype and telephone support service enables you to easily schedule a call at your convenience – just choose the option that you prefer and tell us your phone number or Skype ID and we’ll call you at the arranged time.

If you already have a Cosmetri account we recommend scheduling a Skype session so that we can share screens and show you in real-time how to set up your first product, or solve any particular issues that you are experiencing.

If you are a trial user and your account has expired, send an email to if you wish to have this reactivated and then schedule a call with us. We’ll have you up and running in no time!

Click here or below to schedule a free, no obligation appointment via Skype or telephone.

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