What is an Administrator account?

The Administrator account has access to user management, global settings, billing, payment history and subscription options. If you are subscribed to both Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager, the same Administrator account is used for both. Switch to the required application and then open the user menu (top right) to manage the settings for the application.

In all Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager accounts created after 15 April 2019, the Administrator account is restricted to only these functions and is not a normal user. Product Manager customers who subscribed before this date may continue to use the same Administrator account and access all features of the Product Manager. This Administrator user therefore counts as a user seat.

We recommend that the Administrator account is operated only by an authorized staff member and the associated roles and responsibilities clearly defined in your staff training and SOP documents. Staff members with access to Cosmetri GMP and/or Product Manager should be instructed in the first line to contact their Administrator if they have questions regarding user management, permissions or experience any problems with accessing the software.

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