Nov 2017

PIF Software for Cosmetic Product Dossier

PIF software from cosmetri, enables fast generation and therefore easy maintenance of your product information file, also known as the PIF. This is a requirement of Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and thus applies to any cosmetic or personal product sold within the EU.

PIF software allows for user-friendly, efficient updating to ensure that the PIF is current. In Product Manager, Cosmetri’s unique Compliance Checker alerts you to any missing compliance data or documents required for the PIF. A task is automatically generated for each required action and a score shows how complete your product data is.

PIF software - compliance checker

Product Manager generates a PIF report in PDF format, including your own company’s logo and contact details. Your compliance documents are exported within the same folder and referenced within the report. Click on a link in the PIF report while logged in, thus viewing any document online, or alternatively open the corresponding file within the folder. The PIF software therefore provides full portability of your product data and documents along with the flexibility of accessing your data and documents in the cloud.

PIF software example report, pages 1-2, from 8:

PIF software report

In addition, batch trace-ability is provided by Product Manager, ensuring that the PIF includes all raw material batch data and documents. The PIF is automatically updated to include your product batch data, through integration with the manufacturing module. PIF software has therefore never been easier to use – why not trial Product Manager for free and find out for yourself?

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