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We have demonstrated to our auditor how raw materials and production dispense lists are managed using Cosmetri and therefore we have successfully achieved the GMP ISO 22716 certification again this year in early 2021.

Today we had an annual audit from the Dutch health inspection team. They were very enthusiastic about our implementation of cosmetri for achieving compliance with cosmetic Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ISO:22716.

We are a skin care manufacturer and cosmetri is an invaluable piece of software that is central to our manufacturing processes. The service is fantastic, and queries are dealt with in a timely and helpful manner.

We are really happy with the software, its well constructed, has a great user interface, and was developed with a clear understanding of the requirements of ISO 22716 GMP. Georganics would highly recommend it for any cosmetics company that is looking for a high quality, comprehensive GMP software.

Cosmetri is without doubt the most comprehensive and user-friendly compliance software for our industry. We used it to obtain and maintain our GMP ISO 22716. From the management of raw materials to final batch protocols the system just delivers.