Dec 2014

Entering Percentage Ranges for Raw Material Compositions

We've heard from many cosmetic makers recently, that certain suppliers are reluctant to provide an exact specification for the percentage of each ingredients used in their raw materials. This is perhaps understandable, since manufacturers wish to withhold the intellectual property for their raw materials for fear of them being copied by competitors. However, this leaves cosmetic makers with a dilemma - namely, how to create a complaint Product Information File (PIF) for a product when the exact composition of a raw material used in the formula is not known. To solve this problem Cosmetri Product Manager allows you to enter a minimum and maximum %w/w concentration for the ingredients used in a raw material. Your supplier must at least be willing to provide you with these ranges, otherwise we advise you to source your raw materials elsewhere. Once your formula is complete, cosmetri calculates the total minimum and maximum percentage concentrations for each ingredient present in your product. If an ingredient is regulated, use the maximum % figure to check if your formula is compliant.

Wherever possible we still advise Cosmetri users to obtain and enter exact % amounts for the ingredients in a raw material. This gives you more control and flexibility in adjusting your formula and achieving compliance.

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