Is there a user manual available?

HomeIs there a user manual available?

Yes. The cosmetri user manuals are available as PDF guides, found under the menu item 'User Guides' within the application. You can also download them here.

For first-time users, you can also view a Getting Started video, which explains the basic steps required for entering your first product and formula, activating the Compliance Checker and working through the generated tasks until you can export a fully compliant product information file (PIF).

There is a lot of in-application help available in the form of help panels, which appear on every page and tab of the cosmetri application.

Cosmetri help panel

Once you have familiarized yourself with the information you can hide each help panel to free up space on the screen. If you need to reset the help panels, go to 'My Profile' in the user menu (top right) and select 'Reset Help Panels'.

Each field where you are required to enter data also includes a contextual tooltip which can be accessed by clicking on the [?] link.

Cosmetri tooltips