Category: Billing and Payment

The Administrator account has access to user management, global settings, billing, payment history and subscription options. If you are subscribed to both Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager, the same Administrator account is used for both. Switch to the required application and then open the user menu (top right) to manage the settings for the application.

In all Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager accounts created after 15 April 2019, the Administrator account is restricted to only these functions and is not a normal user. Product Manager customers who subscribed before this date may continue to use the same Administrator account and access all features of the Product Manager. This Administrator user therefore counts as a user seat.

We recommend that the Administrator account is operated only by an authorized staff member and the associated roles and responsibilities clearly defined in your staff training and SOP documents. Staff members with access to Cosmetri GMP and/or Product Manager should be instructed in the first line to contact their Administrator if they have questions regarding user management, permissions or experience any problems with accessing the software.

Yes, of course! We don’t want you to leave us, but we also don’t tie you in to any contracts, beyond the current subscription period. You can easily cancel your subscription to the end of the current subscription period by logging in to your Administrator account and going to ‘Billing’ (user menu, top right). You must cancel at least one day prior to your subscription auto-renewing, otherwise payment will be due for the new subscription period and your card charged.

Before you decide to cancel, why not take advantage of the free training sessions and support available, to help overcome any problems you may be encountering?

Please note, that if you cancel we do not provide refunds on any time left on the current subscription period.

To read about the Cosmetri GmbH terms, please click here.

Cosmetri GmbH operate a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model. We take care of security, backups and provide technical support, training and updates to the software. Even if you are not currently using the software, we are working on your behalf, keeping your data secure and accessible. Subscriptions may not be suspended and any hours in credit for the current subscription period may not be rolled over to a later period. If you cancel your subscription or default on payment, your data will be deleted.

To read about the Cosmetri GmbH terms, please click here.

For Product Manager Starter and Business plans, you can upgrade your plan at any time (including trial accounts) and we will prorate your subscription, transferring any credit to your new bill. Login as your Administrator and under the respective plan page (user menu, top right) you will see an option to upgrade your plan. If additional payment is required the amount due will be calculated, and you will be charged accordingly.

If you wish to upgrade to Product Manager Enterprise, please contact us to request the migration of your data, since this plan includes dedicated hosting. If you require Product Manager Enterprise Plus, please inquire for pricing, based on your requirements.

To downgrade a plan please check that your account does not exceed the maximum allowed resources on the lower plan, such as the number of products, active users or manufacturing order limit. Downgrading from Business to Starter plan can then be performed automatically from your account, when logged in as the administrator. For technical reasons, downgrading from Product Manager Enterprise or Product Manager Enterprise Plus is not possible.

The contract between you and Cosmetri GmbH is bound only by the length of the subscription period, which may be monthly, quarterly or annual. You can cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring that your subscription will not be renewed. We do not offer refunds for any remaining time left in the current subscription period. For full details of the Cosmetri terms please click here.