Cosmetri Case Study
Cosmetri empowers CR Formulations to achieve GMP compliance and scale

CR Formulations gets ISO 22716-certified and accelerates growth with Cosmetri GMP.

The Problem:
Formalizing processes and compliance tools to scale

CR Formulation’s rapid growth required them to switch quickly from a manual system to a professional software platform so they could achieve ISO 22716 certification and scale effectively.

According to Operations Manager Tim Burt, the company struggled with version control, traceability, documentation, and managing raw materials, using an ad hoc Excel-based system to keep track of everything. Inventory control was also very time-consuming and cumbersome.

Without tightening up a lot of their processes, controls, and compliance tools, CR Formulations wouldn’t qualify for GMP certification.

Burt was seeking a cloud-based platform that would help with: 

  • Establishing ISO 22716 compliant systems and processes
  • Gaining a competitive advantage that would help the company increase sales
  • Poor performance and slow support response times

“Cosmetri gave us the perfect platform to build our processes around. We could use one system designed specifically for cosmetics GMP and Cosmetri was the perfect choice for us. It was very easy to demonstrate to an auditor what the software did and how we controlled everything, and now we have a one-stop shop for all our certification requirements.
-Tim Burt, Operations Manager, CR Formulations

The Solution:

Cosmetri offers “one-stop shop” solution for certification, compliance, and growth

Once CR Formulations chose Cosmetri, the benefits were instant. The company was able to set up the user-friendly software and begin preparing for their GMP certification immediately. They also appreciated Cosmetri’s consistently fast performance with lack significant lag times. 

Because the Cosmetri team was based in the U.S. and Europe, Burt knew there could be a potential delay between submitting supporting tickets and receiving answers to his questions. But from setup onwards, he was impressed by Cosmetri’s 24-hour response time despite the large time difference.

Specifically, Registrar Corp and Cosmetri helped to:

Female scientist pipetting chemicals in lab for Registrar Corp Cosmetri case study

To discover how Cosmetri can empower your company by streamlining operations, accelerating product development, and ensuring compliance in 55+ countries- book a demo today.

About CR Formulations

CR Formulations is a medium-sized, full-service contract cosmetics manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia. They create world-class personal care products made to international standards for domestic and global markets. The company was founded in 2010 by renowned formulator, Cheryl Ross.

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