Cosmetri Case Study
Cosmetri unlocks operational efficiency for Niche Skin Labs

Cosmetri has helped Niche Skin Labs streamline operations, accelerate product development, and assure compliance.

The Problem:
Overcoming Inefficient Manual Processes in Cosmetic Formulation

Niche Skin Labs discovered a need for an end-to-end cosmetics formulation development software to improve efficiency and save time for product development.

Prior to implementing Cosmetri, Corey Miles, founder of Niche Skin Labs, was utilizing an Excel-based system with his team of formulators. He found this to be an ineffective and disorganized solution, requiring manual interventions and tedious processes to keep all the information updated and track dates of changes.

Miles was seeking a platform that would help with:

  • Formulation Development with International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) list
  • Disorganization of formulation and label files and ingredient documentation
  • Raw material ingredient management – Niche Skin Labs has over 500 raw material ingredients and managing them in spreadsheets has become impossible to manage.

“Cosmetri has provided me with the reassurance that when a formulation is developed — the label is compliant, country-specific regulations are met, and files are organized in one streamlined place. From a quality control perspective, Cosmetri has been such a blessing for us in saving time overall.”
-Corey Miles, Founder, Niche Skin Labs

The Solution:

Cosmetri offered attractive features at the right price for Niche Skin Labs

Corey vetted several Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions, in search for a platform that his team would login into and make formulation or document changes in a streamlined and efficient way.

He became frustrated with the lack of pricing transparency throughout the process. When he found Cosmetri, he appreciated that pricing was found right on the website and the demo proved that this was the right solution for his business. He found Cosmetri to be affordable and intuitive, which was exactly what his team was looking for.

Specifically, Registrar Corp and Cosmetri helped to:

  • Provide an end-to-end platform with formulation development, INCI, raw material database, and inventory control features that help streamline his team’s product development process.
  • Organize ingredients and project data in one place, improving the quality control process and reducing the time spent searching through spreadsheets for composition of an ingredient or updated documents.

More results:

  • Over 500 raw material ingredients set up in one centralized formulation database
  • Quickly apply INCI names to ingredient statements utilizing regulations
  • Compliance Pack includes regulatory data from 50+ countries, expanding business opportunities for Niche Skin Labs

To discover how Cosmetri can empower your company by streamlining operations, accelerating product development, and ensuring compliance in 55+ countries- book a demo today.

About Niche Skin Labs

Niche Skin Labs is a boutique product development company based in Toronto, Canada. They work with start-ups and small beauty brands across formulation, manufacturing, and packaging of custom skincare products. As a full turnkey solution, Niche Skin Labs partners with clients from concept to launch.

Corey Miles, Founder of Niche Skin Labs, saw an opportunity after noticing the lack of manufacturers offering low production runs and tailored product development services. Partnering with Niche provides Indie Beauty brands with access to low minimums, innovative design, and formula development.

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