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What’s coming in Cosmetri v.3.0?

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Cosmetri version 3

Our developers have been working full-on over the past months to bring you version 3.0 of Cosmetri’s software for cosmetics businesses. Set for launch in September 2016, our mission is to provide the cosmetics industry with a secure, affordable collaboration platform and powerful tools for effectively managing your cosmetics formulation, compliance and manufacturing. We’re particularly excited about this upcoming version, with new features, improved usability and new opportunities to collaborate securely with your team and external service providers, such as your safety assessor, lab or formulator. Be sure also to scroll down to our special offer, valid until August 31st 2016.

Here’s what you can expect in v3.0 of Cosmetri…

Improved Usability

We’re introducing a brand new Quick Links feature. Save products and formula versions to your quick links menu. The selected formula will then display all associated resources, making it easy to navigate between the selected formula’s raw materials, packaging items, manufacturing orders, documents and tests.

New Service Provider Version

Approved service providers can use Cosmetri to connect securely with their clients. View tasks and statuses for your client accounts and securely login to your client to perform required actions. Grant your current service providers with access to your Cosmetri data, making communication and project management far more efficient and secure.

Whether you're a service provider inviting your clients to join Cosmetri, or a cosmetics business inviting a service provider, we'll even pay you a handsome referral commission for each new subscriber! For more details click here.

Safety Assessments

Available for approved service providers, with Cosmetri v3.0 you’ll be able to use Cosmetri to create safety assessments, including calculation of SED and MoS values. Contact us if you are a safety assessor and would like to hear more.

New Team Tools

If you haven’t already seen these new features – check the new ‘Team’ menu. Add a Cosmetri virtual assistant for only €10 p/h (exc. VAT). View detailed reports for individual user and team activity, including timesheets. We’re also making the existing Departments setting available to Business plan users, so you can set permissions for each user and restrict access to certain areas of the software. With Cosmetri v3.0 you’ll also be able to organise your products by clients/brand and set access permissions for these.

New Data Sources

We’re adding CIR safety data and US INCI names. If you missed our recent updates, SCCS Opinions are now linked to ingredients and you can also add custom links to compliance data sources according to customizable compliance zones that you can create.

Improved Raw Materials Management

We’re introducing a range of features and improvements to help manage your raw materials and their batches. Add searchable custom properties, such as IFRA, organic, contains nuts, palm oil etc. Auto-copy data edited at the parent-level to the associated batches. There will also be new safety data and REACH fields.

Special Offer

Sign up as a new customer in advance of the new release of Cosmetri v3.0 no later than 31st August 2016 and we’ll give you one month for free (maximum value €179). We'll also guarantee that your current subsciption price is locked-in for a minimum of 24 months.

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Wishing you every success with your cosmetics business!

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Simon Bowen and the Cosmetri Team.