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cosmetri 3.5 introduces dozens of usability enhancements to improve efficiency, as well as significant updates to the packaging and QA/SoP features. We’ve also freshened up the user interface, but don’t worry… you’ll find everything where you expect it to be and your packaging sets will have been updated to be compatible with the latest version. Read on to find out what’s new in v3.5...


We’ve greatly simplified the configuration of packaging sets and made several improvements to make packaging management faster and more efficient.

Packaging components have been deprecated, enabling direct selection of packaging parent items for your packaging sets. Existing packaging sets in your cosmetri account will still work correctly, so there’s nothing you need to change.

Click here or below to view the updated packaging guide (PDF) for v3.5:

To quickly build different packaging set versions, based on an existing version, a new packaging set clone feature enables one-click duplication of a packaging set. You can then quickly make any adjustments to the new packaging set, such as changing the bottle size and updating the packaging set name.

We’ve added new fields/options for packaging items, including packaging type and packaging material, with additional options for pressurized spray /aerosol container and comments fields. Filter your packaging items list by packaging type and packaging material.

Clone from parent or batch options, for more control over which data is used in the cloned packaging item batch.

A ‘where used’ feature shows associations of packaging items with packaging sets and products. Click to view associated items and open them. In the packaging item display, a select menu shows packaging sets that the item is associated with. Select a packaging set to open it.

New packaging items parents  no longer act as batches, making this consistent with raw materials. Existing parents with inventory and supplier batch data remain unaffected.

New filters in the ‘Packaging Items’ tab and when viewing a packaging item, enable you to hide packaging batches without inventory and expired batches. This is useful for keeping your lists to a manageable length if you have many batches.

Click from the Product/Unit Sizes tab to open the associated packaging set for each SKU.

Click here or below to view the updated packaging guide (PDF) for v3.5:

Testing, QA and SoPs

We’ve added new tools for improved management of tests (including SoPs), test groups and QA:

The new ‘where used’ feature enables you to see the number and type of items using a test and test group. Click to open the list and to access each item.

Clone a test group for fast creation of different test groups based on a standard template that you create. This can be useful for example, when creating different SoP lists which have variations for different uses, e.g. an SoP for manufacturing creams, vs aerosol products.

Remove test group from QA – useful if you have applied a test group to an item with several tests and want to revert this action.

Fast configurator – to apply a due date and assign an operator to all tests in a list, this new feature really speeds up the process of configuring your tests.

Fill down feature – when configuring multiple tests in a schedule, such as challenge tests, you can enter the data for the first test and fill-down the data for all tests in the same schedule. You only need to select the test operator and set the test parameters once, for the first scheduled test.

Lock tests to safeguard test data - if a test has been configured for use in any item’s QA, editing or deletion of the test is no longer allowed. Use the new clone test feature, if you need to quickly create a new version of an existing locked test.

Other Updates in v3.5

The following updates have either been released in v3.5 or are recent hotfixes that you may not yet have discovered in cosmetri:

  • Fast product list loading – customers with large product lists now experience significantly improved loading times for the product list. Products are now loaded in the collapsed state, requiring clicking on the [+] symbol next to a product’s title to view the formulas and any Ingredients Watch alerts. You can also click on the ‘E.U. Ingredients Watch’ button at the top of the list to open a popup to show the affected ingredients.
  • Additional ‘Add New’ buttons make for easier creation of new records, e.g. from product categories, raw materials categories and manufacturing orders pages.
  • Enhanced user interface – new colours, updated main menu, updated help panel which include links to relevant PDF guides..
  • New safety calculation ‘amount applied per day (g)’ per ingredient, in the Formula/Specification/Safety tab. This value is also exported with the safety data .xls.


  • product list search – some fields were not searchable in the list
  • rule/task P1-4 – first batch no. for PIF – rule was displayed even if value was present
  • product categories management – categories now display in alphabetical order
  • Improved display and performance in Micrsoft Edge browser