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No more burn-out or stress - help is now at hand for your cosmetics business. Whether your company makes and sells cosmetics, or you provide professional services to the cosmetics industry, we understand how challenging it can be, coping with the daily demands placed on you and your team. Important tasks such as maintaining regulatory compliance, data entry, document management and supplier communication can become neglected over time. Hiring, training and maintaining additional staff or VAs for these activities can be expensive and time consuming.

The Cosmetri VA service is the solution to such problems. For only €10.00 p/h + VAT, you can hire a trained Cosmetri virtual assistant, dedicated to supporting your cosmetics business.

Here are just some of the many tasks that can be performed by your VA:

  • Data entry in Cosmetri - such as formulas, suppliers and raw materials
  • Request information from suppliers - such as prices, safety and product data
  • Tag and upload documents
  • Online research
  • Lead generation
  • Email management
  • Scheduling

Depending upon the particular skill-set of the person, your VA may also be able support your business with other tasks, such as:

  • Book-keeping
  • Customer service and support
  • Sales
  • Social media posts

Please contact us if you have specific requirements.

Each Cosmetri VA is carefully selected - including an English proficiency and IQ test, DISC assessment and ID checking. We take care of recruitment, management and initial training of your VA, providing you with ready-to-go, skilled and competent staff who can support your team with routine tasks.

If you are a Cosmetri subscriber, your VA can be granted secure access to your account to enter and manage your data. You’ll be able to communicate with your VA via the Cosmetri tasks manager, as well as via Skype and email. We use our own time tracking software to ensure that your VA works for every hour that you pay for. If you grant your VA access to your Cosmetri account, you’ll also be able to generate detailed activity and timesheet reports.

Why choose a Cosmetri VA?

By signing up to the Cosmetri VA service we'll take care of the following, saving you time and money:

  • Interview and recruitment
  • Assessments, such as English proficiency, IQ and DISC
  • ID check
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Training manuals and videos
  • Ongoing supervision
  • Time sheet and payroll
  • Set up of communication channels such as email and Skype
  • Provision of special VA user for accessing your Cosmetri account

And if you require additional support, your VA manager is available to assist you in resolving any issues you may have with working with your VA.

VA Monthly Package

The VA Monthly package is a cost effective way to extend your team with one or more dedicated VAs, providing your business with continuous support from month-to-month. VA hours are booked in packages of 40-hours per month, on a monthly auto-renewable subscription. The minimum booking commitment is 80 hours per month. These hours are spread across a normal working week (Mon-Fri) and may not be accumulated or rolled-over.

Bookings must be received no later than the first day of the month for commencement of the VA service on the first day of the following month. For example, place your booking by 1st March and your monthly, renewable subscription will begin on 1st April. If you book between 2nd and 31st March, your subscription will begin on 1st May.

A deposit of €100 per each 40-hour package is charged and is retained for the duration of the subscription. If your VA cannot be confirmed, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Cancel your monthly subscription to the end of the current month no later than the 7th of the month, with your deposit returned in full within 5 working days of cancellation. Cancellation after the 7th of the month will result in the following month's fee being charged, minus the deposit. Cancel part or all of your current subscription by emailing

VA Starter (40 HOURS)

Book 40 VA hours as a one-time support for your business. Work commences within 5-14 days from the date you place your booking. The exact start date will be confirmed after your booking has been received. Hours must be used within 30 days from the agreed start date.

Note: This service is subject to availability. If you do not see this option below, all VAs are currently booked out. To be notified as soon as a VA becomes available, please contact

To book your Cosmetri VAs, select the required package.


* Prices (including deposits) are shown exclusive of sales tax/VAT.  If chargeable, sales tax/VAT will be levied at the standard German rate of 19% and added to your invoice.