Announcing version 3.9 of cosmetri’s Product Manager

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Software: cosmetri Product Manager
Release date:
 28th June 2018

Version 3.9 of the cosmetri Product Manager is now live – and this version has some really great features and enhancements!


Ingredients Black Lists

Under the menu item ’Ingredients’ you’ll find a new feature ‘Black Lists’. Create lists of ingredients that are associated with client/brand groups and/or compliance zones. This feature can be useful if you manage products for clients with specific requirements, such as paraben-free or not including nano-materials.

You can also use black lists to supplement any compliance data – for example by adding ingredients to a country-specific black list that are expected to be restricted in the future. You can even build combination client/country black lists for precise management of restrictions, such as ‘ingredients not to be used for Client X in China’.

You can add notes to the ingredient in the black list, which appear when you click on the alert icon. If any ingredient on the black list is present in an associated formula, you’ll see a warning in the formula’s ‘Compliance’ tab, in the new ‘Black Listed’ column.

ingredient blacklist warning

For detailed instructions on creating and managing ingredients black lists, please check the new section ‘Ingredients Black Lists’ of the following updated guide:


New ‘Ingredients’ Department Settings

It’s now possible to precisely control the permissions for accessing all ingredient-related lists and functions. Login as the admin user and go to Global Settings/Departments:


Merged Ingredients Notes

To simplify the 'Compliance' tab and ingredients management, ingredients notes have been merged with the ingredient level data, accessible from the ‘Ingredients Data’ view. To access this data, click on the following icon in the ‘Actions’ column of any ingredient. In the formula ‘Compliance’ and ‘Safety’ tabs you can also access this view by clicking on the ingredient name.


Perfume Allergens

In the formula’s ‘Compliance’ tab, we’ve changed the way perfume allergens are displayed. Each declared allergen now shows individual regulatory and black list warnings for each allergen, instead of as a group.

perfume allergens

Existing customers – if you previously entered any compliance notes for a formula’s perfume allergens group, a duplicate of these notes can be found in each of the perfume allergen’s new compliance notes field. If the ‘Perfume Allergens’ group compliance checkbox was previously checked for your formula, the new checkboxes for each perfume allergen will all be checked. Conversely, if the ‘Perfume Allergens’ group compliance checkbox was unchecked, all perfume allergens will be unapproved.


Client Management

We’ve introduced various updates to improve management of clients in the Product Manager – useful especially for service providers and contract manufacturers.

In the left-hand main menu, you’ll see that we’ve now added a new ‘Clients’ menu and moved the ‘Clients/Brand Groups’ menu item there. Service provider accounts also have access under 'Service Provider Clients' to the client management page for accessing authorized client accounts, with one-click login to these accounts.

Under Clients/Contacts we’ve now made it possible to add a new ‘Client’ type of company record. This is a required update for features we have in the pipeline, so we recommend setting up these associations in advance.

Once the ‘Client’ company is saved, you can open any client/brand group and associate that group with a company record:

By popular request, we’ve also made management of users associated with client/brand groups easier. If you are logged in as the admin user, under ‘Global Settings/Users’ you can now edit any user and select which client/brand groups to associate with that user. The same applies when adding a new user, so you no longer need to remember to open the Clients/Brands settings as a separate step when configuring the new user’s permissions.

If you add a user of the type ‘Client’ you can now select from any available client companies, linking that company record with the user.

For detailed instructions on managing clients, please check the following updated guide:


Improved User Management

As well as the client-user updates described in the previous section, we’ve introduced further changes to improve the management of users. Under ‘Global Settings/Users’, the admin can click to edit a user, with greater control over what can be changed.



Test Results Overview - Numerical Data

In the QA tab of an item, test results with numerical values and custom results are displayed in the main list, making it easier to gain detailed insights into test data without needing to open the test. This is especially useful for stability tests, where trends can be easily identified based on results entered across the stability testing time-frame, such as fluctuations in pH, viscosity, etc. The same data view is shown in the exported stability test results.



WYSIWYG Text Editor

All text comments fields which allow formatting of text have been updated and checked for cross-browser compatibility. As well as formatting font style, you can also create clickable links. To open a link, click while holding the CTRL key (double-click for MS Edge browsers).


Formula Export

From the formula’s ‘Composition’ tab, we’ve added further options for the export of formula data, including INCI breakdown, method of manufacture and concealment of raw material trade names. Data is exported to .xls and .pdf.


Export Method of Manufacture

In the formula’s ‘Method’ tab, you can now export the method of manufacture, in .pdf and .xls format, with the option to include the formula composition (raw materials) and INCI breakdown. A further option allows concealment of the raw material trade names, substituting these for the part code/ID.


Security Updates

We’ve applied our latest security updates to v3.9, ensuring that the cosmetri application, our servers and your data are kept safe at all times.


User Guides

All cosmetri user guides have been updated. Please check for the latest versions under ‘User Guides’ in the main menu, when logged in, or from the following support page:

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes in 3.9

  • Formulation by Stages/Phases
    We’ve increased the maximum number of stages/phases to 30, both in the formula’s ’Composition’ and ‘Method’ tabs.
  • Formula Tasks
    The tasks list in the tab has been updated to show the assignor and assignee, both for custom and Compliance Checker (auto) tasks.
  • Dashboard - Raw Material Alerts
    We fixed a bug in the dashboard view which was showing the incorrect number of alerts for raw materials.
  • Quick Links
    A 404 error (page not found) error that occurred in some situations has been fixed.
  • EU CosIng Alerts
    EU CosIng warnings are now displayed only if EU is selected as the active compliance zone.
  • Departments
    To solve certain usability issues, group selections have been removed. All existing settings in your Departments have been preserved. Other minor improvements have also been applied.
  • Ingredients Search
    Some CAS string searches were yielding no matches.