Here’s what’s in the latest version 3.8.2 of cosmetri’s Product Manager

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Software: cosmetri Product Manager
Release date:
 27th April 2018

We keep on listening to you and keep on improving cosmetri, have you noticed? Here’s what’s in the latest version 3.8.2, released today, 27th April 2018.

Universal date formats
To avoid confusion especially for our customers in the US, Philippines and some Canadian regions, all dates in cosmetri are now displayed in a universally recognizable format. For example, 03/04/2018 is now displayed as 3 Apr 2018.

Server time set to UTC
All reports and time stamps are now set to UTC time. We’ve auto-updated existing times from the previous CET/CEST to UTC. Manufacturing Orders ‘Date/time of manufacture’ are by default set to the today’s date and current time in UTC, though existing values have not been updated, since users may have manually adjusted these times to their own time zone. Click here to find out how UTC relates to your local time zone.

Restrict user access to tests
A new Departments setting prevents a user from editing, deleting or entering results for tests they are not assigned as Test Operator.

Tests requiring comments
Set any test to require comments when entering results.

Task assignor and assignee
You can now see who has created a task (assignor) and who is assigned to the task (assignee). This makes it easier to communicate via tasks and know who assigned the task to you.

Configuring default test groups
Test groups that are set by default to be loaded in the QA tab are now easier and faster to configure. Click on the ‘Configure’ link for the first test in the test group to configure all tests in that group.

Close/Cancel buttons
We’ve applied consistent use of close and cancel buttons in most lists where an item is opened and edited below the list, making things a bit more user-friendly.

Improved legibility
We’ve made some tweaks to the cosmetri UI to make the text easier to read for users with low-contrast screens.

Upgraded servers mean faster performance
In case you missed our announcement a couple of days ago, have you noticed how much faster cosmetri is now? We’ve moved to HTTP/2 – the long-awaited technology that speeds up web browsing and tightens security. Click here or below for our blog post:

cosmetri on http/2 - lightning fast internet is now here!

Note: we've just updated the following guides to include these latest changes:


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