New release v3.1 - staged formulation

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We're pleased to announce the release of v3.1 of cosmetri. This latest version of cosmetri enables staged formulation and the two-way linking of the formula's 'Composition' and 'Method' tabs. You'll be able to add e.g. Aqua @10% at Stage A, Aqua @15% at Stage B, etc, either in the composition or when entering your method of manufacture.

cosmetri formulate by stages

Note: If you have already associated stages in the 'Method' tab with raw materials, these associations will now also be shown in the formula's composition.

Other updates included in this latest release include:

  • faster loading of the formula tabs
  • new raw material parents do not include batch-level data - use 'clone' to create your first batch from the parent
  • default for all newly created raw materials is 'measured by weight' not 'by volume'
  • prevent multiple user-sessions in same browser
  • INCI breakdown listed according to Max. %w/w concentrations, in descending order
  • sort raw materials in Composition tab, by %w/w, in descending order