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Getting Started

•    Terminology
•    Configure user profile, global settings, departments and compliance.
•    Add a product
•    Add a formula
•    Enter formula composition – working with %w/w values
•    Checking ingredients breakdown and compliance
•    Enter method of manufacture
•    Activate the cosmetri Compliance Checker
•    Check and work through compliance tasks
•    Manage documents
•    Generate a complete product information file (PIF)

Raw Materials

•    Creating raw materials
•    Parents and batches

Raw Material Information Tab:

•    Trade name
•    ID / code
•    Category
•    Properties
•    Raw material costs

Preparing Raw Materials for Manufacturing:

•    Setting the density value
•    Cloning batches
•    Quality assurance
•    Inventory

Perfume Allergens

This guide explains the recommended best practice for managing perfume allergens in your raw materials (e.g. perfumes and essential oils), including the use of the INCI Parfum and advice on the declaration of allergens and ‘Parfum’ (or ‘Fragrance’) on the label of ingredients.

• Perfume allergen regulations
• Setting the product type of exposure
• Raw materials – fragrances
• Raw materials – essential oils
• Adding raw materials to formula
• The “benzyl alcohol” case - multi-function perfume allergens
• Label of Ingredients
• Managing product batches – monitor allergen concentrations


This guide explains the steps you need to take in preparation for using cosmetri’s manufacturing module. By following the steps in this guide you’ll be able to:

•    Set a density value for your product
•    Enter a method of manufacture
•    Setup manufacturing order
•    Dispense the order
•    Backup/restore production formula
•    Manage order statuses
•    Pack-out the order
•    Release the packed-out order
•    Download a batch protocol


•    Packaging items
•    Packaging inventory
•    Packaging documents
•    Enable quality assurance
•    Packaging components
•    Packaging sets
•    Pack-out of manufacturing order
•    Packaging costs

QA & Testing

•    Basic principles of QA and testing
•    Tests
•    Test groups
•    Configuring tests
•    Test schedule
•    Print barcoded sample labels
•    Enter test results and export test data
•    QA: Raw Materials and packaging items
•    QA: Manufacturing orders
•    QA: Formulas

Download guide as PDF
Download QA & Testing Guide

Safety Assessments

•    Formula 'Safety' tab
•    Product/formula safety data
•    Ingredient safety data
•    Summary and safety calculations
•    Raw material safety data
•    Export safety assessment data
•    Safety-related test data

Tasks Management

How to manage tasks, notes and reminders:

•    Dashboard and tasks list
•    Compliance Checker tasks
•    Custom tasks
•    Task notes / reminders