System Requirements

Last updated: 3 January 2021
Both Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager are now designed and optimized for operation using most desktop devices, laptops and tablet devices (including iPads) running on a Mac, Windows or Linux operating system. Cosmetri software is not optimized for use on smartphones.
There’s no need to download or install any software on your computer to use Cosmetri software. You’ll just navigate to the Cosmetri login page in your preferred web browser and log in to your account. Supported browsers are:

For optimal performance we recommend the use of broadband or a minimum 3G internet speeds or greater for mobile connection. Keep in mind, the performance of Cosmetri software may vary depending on the amount of information you’ve asked your browser to download. For example, generating a detailed report such as a PIF (Product Manager) would take longer to load than viewing a page or tab in the software.

Log out problems?
Some networks are configured to automatically switch the IP address being broadcasted. For security reasons, connecting to a Cosmetri application requires maintaining the same IP address during a user session. If the IP address is automatically switched, the user will be logged out of Cosmetri. This issue is easily fixed – please contact Cosmetri Support (

Since you’ll be working in a web browser, there are a few browser-related settings you’ll need to know about.

  • Enable cookies
    Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser so all parts of our application work as expected.
  • Enable pop-ups and JavaScript
    Pop-ups and JavaScript should be enabled in your browser, so you can view errors, alerts, and preview screens.
  • Set your screen resolution
    The minimum screen resolution should be set to 1024px x 768px. If you’re using a netbook, try setting the resolution to 1200px x 800px if things appear out of place.
  • Check your web browser add-ons
    In some cases, browser add-ons, extensions, ad blockers, or plugins can interfere with the functionality of our application. You may want to disable these extras or try a browser without them.