Is my data secure?

Our servers and all source code are routinely scanned using industry-leading scanning technology. We also contract a certified cyber-security company to independently verify the security of our applications and servers. For further information please contact us.

All data is of course transmitted securely using high-strength, banking-level data encryption. To check our SSL certificate and security credentials, just click on the padlock icon in your browser.

Our servers are located in Germany - widely viewed as having some of the strictest privacy laws anywhere in the world.

Traditional, on-premise software requires continual updating to keep it secure and compatible with OS upgrades. And if your PC crashes or is stolen, you could lose your data. Using Cosmetri software, you are free to access the service securely, independent of device, with your data always available. We also take care of backing up your data – something which many customers forget to do when using on-premise software. Additionally, your data and documents, GMP audit logs and all reports can be exported at any time, ensuring that you have local backups of all your data, if you require it.

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