If you provide business services to the cosmetics and personal care industry, once you have subscribed to cosmetri you may apply for us to upgrade your account for free to Service Provider status.

Note: Service Provider status accounts are not available for businesses selling consumer cosmetics or personal care products. Business-to-business suppliers of raw materials and packaging are however eligible.

Click here to subscribe and then contact support to request upgrade your account for free to Service Provider status.

Include any international code (e.g. +1) and any extension

contract manufacturer
compliance & legal services
design - product/packaging
formulation / cosmetic scientist
laboratory services
safety assessments
supplier - raw materials
supplier - packaging
training / teaching
other (please specify)
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Once you activate your account, any client that invited you to connect with their Cosmetri account will be notified by email. Your application will be reviewed by Cosmetri staff and you will be contacted if we require further information from you.