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Select the plan that suits you best. cosmetri hosted service includes all server and network operations, OS updates, 24x7 monitoring, firewalls and security scans, as well as off-site storage of encrypted backups. Enterprise plans - regardless of deployment preference (own-hosted or cosmetri), your service runs in its own distinct database and FTP file storage.

Signing up from this page will result in a new account being created. If you have a trial account and wish to upgrade to the Starter or Business plan and keep your existing data, please log in and upgrade to a paid plan within your account. To upgrade a paid plan to Enterprise, please order your new plan below and then contact cosmetri support. We will migrate your existing data to the new plan and refund you any remaining credit from your current subscription period.

Select either MONTHLY or ANNUAL below. Your subscription will be automatically renewed until you cancel. Save 15% by paying annually.

* All prices exclude VAT which is chargeable at your local rate (if in the EU). VAT-registered customers in the E.U. outside of Germany are exempt from VAT.

** Compliance zones – refers to the number of countries or regions available for managing compliance of your products, requiring manual checking of regulatory data. EU regulatory data from CosIng is integrated in the application for all plans. If you require other regulatory data sources, please apply.

Manufacturing orders – denotes the maximum production volume/weight allowed in L/kg, per order.

Enterprise plans - include a dedicated database and FTP, hosted either on the cosmetri server or on the user’s own Linux web server, with the main application accessed via Customer is responsible for security and backup of data hosted on own server. For enterprise customers requiring multiple company identities, for example for subsidiaries, please apply.

Technical support is free to all subscribers for problems and questions you may have for the following type of issues:

  • Bugs
  • Browser-related issues
  • Security
  • Advice on migration of your data
  • Upgrading, billing and payment

During the first month of your subscription, we offer 2x 60-minute online training sessions to support you in getting started with cosmetri. If you require additional training and support in using cosmetri, please click here to purchase support hours prior to scheduling your appointment.