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You can use cosmetri to manage your safety data at the ingredient, raw material and product level. Safety calculations such as Max. Daily Exposure, SED and MoS are performed and all safety data can be exported. We are not able to provide direct support in formulation, legal or regulatory issues. If you would like us to recommend someone to you, please contact and we'll put you in touch with a professional who can help you out!

Yes. There are two ways:

  1. Client has their own cosmetri account and can add you as a service provider user. Ask them to select the 'Service Provider' user type and to enter the master admin username for your Service Provider account. You will receive an activation email to set your password. Once the client has activated your user account, you'll see that account in your 'My Clients' list and be able to click to login directly to the client's cosmetri account. The client is responsible for setting any Department and Clients/Brands group permissions to determine the level access you will have to their data once logged in. Under 'My Clients' you can also view a summary of any tasks and notes the client has assigned to you.
  2. Client logs in to your account: create a user in your account of the type 'Client'. Client users cannot see or interact with each other. Use the Departments and Clients/Brands group settings to set restrict their access and the actions they can perform. This can be especially useful for allowing clients to add and update their Projects directly in your account. For further information, check the following guide:


Login to your client’s account using the user account that they created for you, as listed under 'My Clients' in your Service Provider account. You can then directly enter data in their account as well as upload any documents. Check your dashboard and respond to any notes and tasks assigned to you. If you are assigned as a test operator for any pending or overdue tests, these will also be displayed.

You can publish data from your Service Provider account for import by your client – including product/formulas, raw materials, test groups and packaging items. You may also create publishing groups to publish data for import by an user added to that group.

See the following guides for further support:

Login to the account connected with your client and in the user menu (top right) select ‘My Profile’ and then 'Password & Email’. You can also reset your password by using the following link:

If your client has granted you service provider access to their cosmetri account, they will have added you as a user. This requires that they enter the admin username of your Service Provider account, ensuring that the account is then linked to you. You will be notified by email at the email address registered to your Service Provider account. This email will include an activation link that you need to click on to set your password. You can then login directly to their account under ‘My Clients’ in your Service Provide account, or by using the standard login page and entering the username and password:

If you have a free trial version of the Service Provider account, this is based upon the Starter plan, so you are anyway restricted to a single user. You may still add other service provider users or VAs to your account, but these users cannot access any of the following areas:

My Clients
Products / Clients/Brands
Global Settings

This means that these users would require the username and password of a connected client account. Please therefore keep these credentials safe at all time.

If your Service Provider account is based upon the Business or Enterprise plan, you can also add normal users to your account, such as team members working for your company. If you wish to restrict any user from accessing your ‘My Clients’ page and from logging in to these linked accounts, we recommend that you configure a Department (in Global Settings) that excludes access to the ‘My Clients’ page.

If you are a service provider and already subscribe to cosmetri, email us at if you would like us to upgrade your account to Service Provider status. If your request is approved, we will activate your account for you. Upon next login to your existing account, you will see the additional service provider features. Please provide your company website and any other information we may require to verify that you are a service provider.

Note - we reserve the right to only provided limited features associated with the service provider account. We are currently developing a full Service Provider plan with special features for managing clients, advanced tools and additional modules. This plan will require upgrading. Check our website blog posts, Twitter and mailing list for further announcements.

Adding a user as a Service Provider or VA does not count as a normal user and will not affect the allocation of users associated with the currently subscribed plan. You must have a Service Provider account to be able to link to a client account. You can still create users of the type 'Client' with standard cosmetri accounts, enabling you to securely share data with your client, but each client account requires that you have a user available in your plan. You can also subscribe for additional users (Enterprise plans), which cost €39 p.m +VAT, payable annually. For further information on client user accounts, click here for an FAQ, or below to download a guide:

When you login to a client’s account which also has Service Provider status, you won’t be able to access their own ‘My Clients’ page or their Products / Clients/Brands settings. These settings, along with any Department they may have assigned you to, may restrict your access further.