Product Manager Features

cosmetri’s Product Manager is designed to help you bring your cosmetics products to market faster and more cost efficiently, while complying with ever more stringent regulations.

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Compliance data included in basic plan subscription EU (CosIng) + 1 EU (CosIng) + 1 EU (CosIng) + 1
Extend compliance data to 51 countries Requires Compliance Pack1 Requires Compliance Pack Requires Compliance Pack
Manage harmonized compliance +
Formulate using only allowed ingredients (by Compliance and Advisory List(s))
Detailed compliance status and reporting for any/all products
Color-coded compliance warnings (banned, restricted, listed, not listed)
Add custom compliance zones/countries for manual checking
Add custom URLs for own research lookups
Compliance notes to assist team in resolving issues
Compliance Checker scan and % level of compliance score
Compliance Checker auto tasks
Compliance Checker custom tasks
Search/filter ingredients banned, restricted, not listed, by selected compliance zones
Search/filter ingredients by advisory list, include or exclude
Ingredients Watch monitors formulas and alerts for possible regulatory changes
Build own ingredient advisory lists for custom policies
Associate ingredient advisory list with compliance zone
Perfume allergen calculations
US and EU / international label of ingredients options
PIF / dossier (EU and ASEAN format)
Product batch traceability
SCCS Opinions
Clone approved project-level data to product, as basis for specification
Unlimited formula versions per product
Ingredients Watch alerts at formula level
Formula approval log
Formula mode ‘Production’ or ‘Draft’
Formulate using only allowed ingredients (by Compliance and Advisory List(s))
Formula summary, last updated, status, etc
Formulate by %w/w
Formulate by weight and volume, including US and metric
Formulate by drops
Add ingredient directly to formula (approx 30,000, searchable by INCI, CAS, etc)
Scale formula up/down to 100%w/w
Formulate by stages/phases
Filter raw materials available to formulate by properties e.g. organic, halal, or paraben-free
%w/w ingredient breakdown, min .and max. %w/w
On-the-fly formula costs, per L/kg
Prevent use of banned or unlisted ingredients or raw materials by compliance zone
Compare formula versions, inc. export to .xls
Manage additional colors/shades
Formulate to accuracy of 0.0000001
Manage development batches (samples)
Development batch QA/testing
Raw material batch ‘sample only’ status
Full testing/QA at formula level
Custom formula approval statuses
One-click formula clone
Export formula to .xls, with export options
Formula import wizard
Create task for form
Auto monitoring of formulas and raw materials for changes to ingredients
Ingredient changes detected for EU (CosIng) data + all subscribed compliance zones
Set reporting period by start/end date or no. of days back. Settings are user-specific.
Ingredients Watch alerts displayed also in Formula level
Count of no. of raw materials containing the alerted ingredient. View report including min. and max. %w/w concentration
Count of no. of formulas containing the alerted ingredient. View report including min. and max. %w/w concentration
Set approval status for alerted ingredients
Approval log (user, date and time stamp)
Approval auto unset in ingredient subsequently updated
approx. 30,000 cosmetic ingredients
Request custom ingredient, if not found (subject to approval by cosmetri chemists)
Organize ingredients for own policies such as nano- and paraben-free, halal, etc/td>
Manage banned ingredients
Search by CAS, INCI, CI, IUPAC etc
Manage safety data, including GHS, safety and risk phrases, hazard statements
Direct link to ECHA for lookup of additional GHS/CLP data for ingredient
Annex VI CLP data (EU)
Toxicity, LD50 values (3,216 ingredients)d
Chemical properties, inc. MF, MW, RI, solubility, etc (10,844 ingredients)
Export all safety data for formula to .xls
Search/filter by ingredient cosmetic function
US and international INCIs
Search/filter ingredients by advisory list, include/exclude
Manage common/alternative names
Build ingredients advisory lists
Associate advisory list with customer/brand product group
Associate advisory list with compliance zone
Perfume allergens
SCCS Opinions for ingredients
Manage own ingredients notes
‘Where used’ ingredient in formulas report, inc %w/w
‘Where used’ ingredient in raw materials report, inc %w/w
Create task for ingredient
Easy management of raw materials by parent and batches
Inventory management – inc. MoQ, low inventory level
Add documents to raw material, such as SDS and CoA
Update parent data to all batches
Fast clone to add new batch
‘Where used’ in products/formulas, inc. %w/w
Bulk reassign to different supplier/manufacturer
Show/hide expired and zero inventory batches
Lock from update if dispensed for manufacturing
Lock composition between batches
Unlock composition to allow % variations of allergens between batches
Enter costs in any currency, inc. cost arrays
Non-base currency raw materials costs converted at current exchange rate
Unlimited custom properties and filtering, such as organic, fair trade, kosher, halal, etc
Enter composition %w/w ranges
Auto-detect duplicates
Export raw material data and inventory to .csv
Custom approval statuses
Create received raw materials checklists for GMP
Compliance Checker monitors all raw materials in formula, reporting on missing compliance documents required for PIF
Full testing/QA at raw material level
Raw material batch ‘sample only’ status
Management custom safety notes for raw material level, such as impurities and toxicity
Hide expired batches
Create task for raw material
Manage all required content for inclusion on product label
Upload additional files/artwork (max. 5Mb)
PAO symbol generated
Labels reports (.pdf, .doc and .xls)
Export labels dossier .zip with all content, artwork and symbols
Adjust position of ingredients <1%w/w
Option for ingredients @ exactly 1%w/w
Perfume allergens correctly declared (if listing is required)
Manage additional shades/colors, including international format for listing by color index (CI)
Include standard symbols
INCI, US INCI and common/alternative name options for label of ingredients
Enter and display common or alternative ingredient names
Fine-tuning and formatting of label of ingredients – add additional nomenclature, warnings, etc
Manage projects
Associate project with product(s)
Associate project with Customer
Allow Customer to enter project request
Custom project statuses
Clone project data to product requirements
View log of project status changes
Project checklists
Create task for project
Upload photos e.g. of packaging ideas and benchmark products
Project summary viewable in product level
Authorized users have project approval rights
Customer user-type  
Restrict user access by customer product group  
Set which users can interact with Customer  
Department access control  
Customer can add/edit/view own projects  
Customer-users cannot see each other  
Associate advisory list with customer for managing customer-specific policies e.g. black or white-listed ingredients  
SED calculated
MoS calculated
Max. daily amount (g) calculated
Manage NO(A)EL values
Enter calculated daily exposure
SCCS lookup table for calculated relative daily exposure
Export all results and safety data to .xls
Full manufacturing order management
Full development batch (samples) order management
Production reports, by customer group, products and timeframe
Inventory control
Inventory check, prior to dispense
Inventory low alerts
Expiry date alerts
Batch tickets
Dispense lists
Quick dispense list version
Dispense to accuracy of 0.0000001 kg/L
Compliance Checker integration
Product density
Expected yield %
One-click pack-out
Auto or custom batch/lot no’s
Product batch protocols – full history and associated documents for each product batch
Dispense multiple raw material batches
Full testing and QA integration
Retained samples QA
Create checklists for control and logging of operating procedure during manufacture
Auto update formula to dispensed RM batches
Auto backup of production formulas
Restore production formula
Create task for product batch
Raw materials required for planned production
Packaging required for planned production
Manufacturing and/or development batch orders
Select approval statuses required for raw materials inventory
Option to exclude materials where adequate stock exists
Simplified reporting or detailed by order
Export data as pdf, xls or csv
Fully configurable tests
Tests schedule
Stability tests admin panel
Export stability test data
‘Fill-down’ for fast configuration
Easy test parameters configuration
Custom test statuses
Import pre-built stability test group
Upload documents to test results
Export test results (inc. uploaded documents)
Tests in-use locked from editing
QA: received raw materials
QA: formulas
QA: development batches (formula samples)
QA: in-process manufacturing
QA: product batches
QA: packaging
DQA: retained samples
Raw material QA labels
Bar-coded sample labels
Create task for test group
Conduct repeat tests
Packaging inventory control
Packaging dispense lists (simple and full versions)
Packaging MRP reporting
Packaging set assembly instructions
Manual pack-out of packaging sets, with all required packaging inventory calculated (FIFO)
One-click pack-out of manufacturing order, with all required packaging inventory calculated (FIFO)
Full testing and QA integration for packaging items
Packaging set costs calculation, inc. cost of assembly
Packaging components ‘where used’ (in packaging sets)
Upload packaging documents
Hide expired batches
Clone pack item/set
Packaging sets per unit size
Create task for packaging item
Product/formula cost calculations, for any production volume
Compare formula costs side-by-side
On-the-fly formula costs, per L/kg
Fast BoM generation with full costing per raw material
Update raw material costs from formula view
Enter costs in any currency
Live exchange rates
Costs per pack/unit size
Cost per raw material
Cost arrays for bulk savings
Calculate distributor profit margin
Calculate retail profit margin
Set target bulk product costs per kg/L
Alert if product costs too high
Set production costs per kg/L
Packaging costs
Alert for missing costs
Monitor product costs and profit margin as amount and %, by unit size
Export costing data to .xls
Integrated workflow & compliance
Add service provider user  
Add customer user  
Add VA user  
VA management tools  
Team collaboration  
Customizable dashboards  
User timesheet  
User activity reports  
User departments and access rights – hide, view only, view & edit  
Restrict user access by custom product group  
User tasks list on dashboard
Compliance Checker tasks (auto)
Custom tasks
Custom task may be included in Compliance Checker score
Custom task statuses
Task-based notes/reminders
Custom task – product
Custom task – formula
Custom task – raw material
Custom task – ingredient
Custom task – document
Custom task – company
Custom task – product batch
Custom task – project