Feb 2021

Product Manager v5 – Release Schedule

The brand-new branch of Product Manager began with the release of v.5.0 in February 2021. Click here to read about the new features available with Product Manager 5.0. We have  exciting plans for future releases in v5.x so read on to get a sneak preview of the forthcoming features in our planned development path.


Formula comparison matrix

In addition to the existing side-by-side formula comparison feature, we’re adding a new formula comparison matrix. Select multiple formulas and compare these at both raw material and ingredient level in one view, with export options.

Ingredients management and LOI

  • Custom ingredient tags for ease of identification of ingredient types in formula INCI view
  • Country and language-specific List of Ingredients (LOI)
  • Set ingredient status in formula (per compliance country) allergenic/active/ incidental. This provides filtering options for the ingredients that should be listed in the LOI (in Formula/Labels tab).
  • Advanced options for LOI ingredient display format, e.g, US INCI + Comon Name, INCI  + Chinese INCI, etc.
  • New switch in Formula/Compliance to optionally including any perfume allergen %w/w values as part of the main INCI total, enabling exact 100%w/w totals.


Adjust dispensed amounts during production, with option to update inventory levels.


A new feature allows the admin user to create pre-written formattable ‘snippets’ to be selectable by a user for easy and fast insertion in comments/notes fields. In the first version these will be selectable for formatting the header and footer areas of CoA’s and additional comments in the exported Formula Specifications reports. Expect this feature to then be rolled out to include snippets for test results, and for management of notes fields in all main item types in Product Manager such as Projects, Products, Formulas, Raw Materials and Packaging Items.


Upgraded documents management list

In Product Manager, the ‘Documents’ page will have further search and filtering tools. In Cosmetri GMP EDMS already has advanced document management functionality for GMP.

New locations and sub-locations

For managing location of inventory, and QA of facilities (Cosmetri GMP – example: daily checklists for maintenance and cleaning of premises).

Advanced management of substances / properties & impurities

Flexible tool to enable any such entities reported in the raw material to be assessed in the final formula, such as presence of impurities, trace elements, CITES listed substances, etc. Can also be used for management of ISO 16128 for calculating how natural/organic a formula is, based on % values of each raw material in the formula.


Advanced report builder

Cosmetri software already has extensive report building and data export features, including custom fields and export templates. This new module will make all reporting capabilities accessible under one user interface and extend the reporting functionality.

Raw Material email supplier function

Extend existing checklists feature to raw materials and packaging items, with email function to request data or documents from Supplier based on incomplete checklist items.

CPSR generation

Product Manager already exports safety data for the formula, including performed calculations of e.g. MoS and Max. daily amount applied (g). Exported data is used as the basis for any required safety assessments that are then uploaded to the Formula ‘Docs’ tab (as CPSR doc type) for inclusion in the PIF. We will also provide a template-based CPSR generation tool within Product Manager. CPSR for EU compliance will still require manual signing by a qualified safety assessor.

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