I cannot find an ingredient when entering an INCI or CAS no.

Product Manager's ingredients database includes over 31,000 single ingredients for possible use in cosmetics and personal care products. Over 99% of required ingredients can be found in this list. If you search for an ingredient in any of the following pages/tabs of Product Manager and cannot find the ingredient, a ‘Submit Ingredient Request’ button will be displayed. Before contacting us, please do the following:

  1. Contact your supplier wherever possible, if the ‘missing’ ingredient is not clearly stated in any raw material SDS in terms of its INCI and CAS no. (see section 3 of the SDS).
  2. Use Google to verify that any INCI and/or CAS you have is correct. Check for example, if you are confusing the common or chemical name with the INCI.
  3. Check on the CosIng website that the ingredient is available there and is not in Annex II (banned substances). Here is the link:

  4. In CosIng and Product Manager, try searching for a narrower match of the INCI string you have instead of the entire INCI. For example, instead of entering “1,4 CYCLOHEXANEDIOL BIS-ETHYLHEXANOATE”, try “CYCLOHEXANEDIOL” and look for matches in the search results.

If the above steps show that the ingredient is available in CosIng and permitted for use in cosmetics and personal care products but cannot be found in Product Manager, please then forward the details of the ingredient to us and we will investigate.

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