Category: Publish & Import Data

You must have Service Provider status to access this feature, which requires subscription to the Product Manager Enterprise Plus plan. Please contact us for terms and applicable fees. Login to your customer’s using the user account that they created for you, as listed under ‘My Customers’ in your Service Provider account. You can then directly enter data in their account as well as upload any documents. Check your dashboard and respond to any notes and tasks assigned to you. If you are assigned as a test operator for any pending or overdue tests, these will also be displayed.

You can publish data from your Service Provider account for import by your client – including product/formulas, raw materials, test groups and packaging items. You may also create publishing groups to publish data for import by a user added to that group.

Your customer may grant you access to their Product Manager account, which requires the following:

  1. You must have Service Provider status to be able to be linked with a client account. Please contact us for terms and applicable fees.
  2. Your Customer must add you to their Product Manager account as a user of the type ‘Service Provider’ and activate this. The client is responsible for setting any Department and Customer group permissions to control the level access you will have to their data once logged in.
  3. You must activate the account and set your password. You’ll then be able to switch to their account within your Service Provider account under ‘My Customers’.

As a Service Provider user, you may also grant a customer restricted access to specified data in your account. This option does not require Service Provider status. You can create users of the type ‘Customer’, enabling you to securely share data with your customer. This can be especially useful for allowing customers to add and update their Projects directly in your account, or to upload compliance documents. Each customer account requires that you have a user seat available in your plan. Use the Departments and Customer Group settings to restrict their access and the actions they can perform.


Product Manager includes data import tools, enabling you to easily and accurately import your formulas, raw materials, suppliers, customers and manufacturers.

You can upload your formulas in .xls format and all raw materials will be created on-the-fly. If a raw material already exists it will be recognized and mapped to your formula. You can use the preview screen to adjust and verify your data before completing the import.

See the Product Manager User Guide for further support.