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What I love about Cosmetri is how easy it makes R&D work. I can easily create stability testing programs and manage multiple formulations. It basically does the work of one employee. Having used other similar R&D software, cosmetri is superior to all of them due to its high functionality and ease of managing large amounts of data.

HFB Labs rely on Cosmetri‘s Product Manager for ensuring the compliance of our formulations and management of regulatory data and documents. The software is invaluable for formulating new products with user-friendly tools that enable precise control of ingredients used in different clients’ formulas.

We are using Cosmetri for the last year mainly for regulatory reasons. It made our daily business a lot more efficient. The software is easy to use and covers most of our needs. Support is impeccable, the few times we had to contact them they answered promptly and solved the issues within a very short time. Summarised, a highly recommended software suite if you are working in the cosmetic field!

We started our business three years ago and began using Cosmetri immediately. I was so happy that we found a software that covered all our needs. From formulation planning, PIF generation to safety data analyses and calculations (SEM, MoS etc). Without this powerful tool it would have been impossible to fulfill all the compliance and regulation tasks in reasonable time. Nowadays, we use every function of Cosmetri, and this software is at the heart of our business. Last month we realized our ISO:22716 certification. Cosmetri and all the documentation provided was a real big help. 

Cosmetri is the most intuitive software of this kind I ever used, the support is very fast and always helpful. The last update matched exactly as I needed. I’m very happy with cosmetri!

We are a contract manufacturer and as such I manage the PIF for many products and brands. Cosmetri is extremely user-friendly and the customer support is excellent. Cosmetri is great for small to medium companies, but I have been impressed to find the package is completely flexible to support the requirements of larger businesses too. A huge thanks to the team.