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Cosmetri allows me to collate all of my formulations, ingredients, and compliance information in one location which can be accessed readily. It has become an indispensable tool in my work. Cosmetri allows me to remain highly organized and ensure that I am meeting compliance requirements.

We have demonstrated to our auditor how raw materials and production dispense lists are managed using Cosmetri and therefore we have successfully achieved the GMP ISO 22716 certification again this year in early 2021.

Cosmetri has revolutionised our workflow. From thirty spreadsheets a day to one slick software application and hours less work. I wish we had found it sooner!

We are a skin care manufacturer and Cosmetri is an invaluable piece of software that is central to our manufacturing processes. The service is fantastic, and queries are dealt with in a timely and helpful manner.

What I love about Cosmetri is that I know for sure we are compliant with the regulations as long as we are using Cosmetri. It keeps my products and business safe.

Cosmetri is without doubt the most comprehensive and user-friendly compliance software for our industry. We used it to obtain and maintain our GMP ISO-22716. From the management of raw materials to final batch protocols the system just delivers.

We have been extremely happy with Cosmetri as its incredibly user-friendly, flexible and intuitive to use. Product Manager allows us to generate Product Information Files (PIF’s) with ease, and the export functions in certain areas are really useful for collating data. The online databases are also extremely comprehensive and allows for adding your own safety data.

We have been using Cosmetri software for some time, upgrading to the Enterprise version within one year. The software saves us a lot of time in the business and provides an efficient system for organizing and managing our products. The support is also excellent, fast and friendly!

This is a big step for our company as we have outgrown our old archaic method of generating formulas in Microsoft Excel and using non-industry specific manufacturing software. I’ve been amazed about how quickly I can enter formulas in to Cosmetri. It all just makes sense!

What I love about Cosmetri is how easy it makes R&D work. I can easily create stability testing programs and manage multiple formulations. It basically does the work of one employee. Having used other similar R&D software, cosmetri is superior to all of them due to its high functionality and ease of managing large amounts of data.