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Brand new v1.3 – import your formulas and raw materials into Cosmetri

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We’re pleased to announce that our new data import tool is now available as part of the brand new version 1.3 upgrade of Cosmetri. You can upload your formula in .xls format and all raw materials will be created on-the-fly. If a raw material already exists it will be recognised and mapped to your formula. You can use the preview screen to adjust and verify your data before completing the import.

Click here to view a how-to video on using the data import wizard.

To access the import wizard click below to login and then choose 'Import Data' in the left-hand menu:

We’ve also made some improvements to the way certain ingredients are listed in the main CosIng inventory. For example, Benzyl Alcohol (CAS No. 100-51-56) can now be found in the main inventory where you can add it as a raw material with the function as solvent or viscosity controlling. If you wish to use it for perfuming or as a preservative click on the corresponding link in the ‘Function’ column to access the version that exists within the annex and to check the regulatory information.

Cosmetri Cosing ingredients

In the new v.1.3 of Cosmetri you'll also notice some improvements to the way PDF reports are formatted.

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