Can the same user account access both the Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager?

Yes, however a user seat must be available in both applications and the user granted access by your Administrator. User seats are subscribed separately for Cosmetri GMP and Product Manager when logged in as the Admin user. For example, if you require 10 users to access both Product Manager and Cosmetri GMP, you will require a total of 20 user seats. Assuming that you have three included user seats in your Product Manager Enterprise Annual plan and five included user seats in your Cosmetri GMP plan, you would therefore need to subscribe a total of 12 additional user seats (seven in Product Manager and five in Cosmetri GMP). Once granted access by your Administrator, a user may log in and switch seamlessly between the two applications (left menu, top). Additional user seats in Product Manager require the Product Manager Enterprise Annual plan.