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Billing and Payment

Yes, of course! We don't want you to leave us, but we also don't tie you in to any contracts, beyond the current subscription period. You can easily cancel your subscription to the end of the current subscription period by going to 'Billing' in your account settings. Your data will be be deleted after your subscription has elapsed. Before you decide to cancel, why not take advantage of the free training sessions and support available, to help overcome any problems you may be encountering? Click here to schedule a free training session.

cosmetri is a subscription service - we take care of security, backups and provide technical support, training and updates to the software. Even if you are not currently using cosmetri, we are working on your behalf, keeping your data secure and accessible. Subscriptions may not be suspended and any hours in credit for the current subscription period may not be rolled over to a later period. If you cancel your account, your data will be deleted.

For Product Manager Starter and Business plans, you can upgrade your plan at any time (including trial accounts) and we will prorate your subscription, transferring any credit to your new bill. Go to your dashboard (or user options) and you will see an option to upgrade your plan. If additional payment is required the amount due will be calculated and you will be charged accordingly.

If you wish to upgrade to the Product Manager Enterprise plan and have your data transferred from your existing account, please contact us to request the migration of your data. You will need to first signup for a new Product Manager Enterprise plan by clicking here and then grant us temporary access to your new account and database. If you have any credit for your current subscription we will refund you the difference.

To downgrade a plan please check that your account does not exceed the maximum allowed resources on the lower plan, such as the number of products, active users or compliance zones. Downgrading from Business to Starter plan can then be performed automatically from your account, when logged in as the administrator. For technical reasons, downgrading from Product Manager Enterprise is not possible.

The contract between you and cosmetri is bound only by the length of the subscription period, which is either monthly, quarterly (Product Manager Enterprise plans only) or annual. You can cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring that your subscription will not be renewed. We do not offer refunds for the current subscription period. For full details of the cosmetri terms please click here.


Login to your client’s account using the user account that they created for you, as listed under 'My Clients' in your Service Provider account. You can then directly enter data in their account as well as upload any documents. Check your dashboard and respond to any notes and tasks assigned to you. If you are assigned as a test operator for any pending or overdue tests, these will also be displayed.

You can publish data from your Service Provider account for import by your client – including product/formulas, raw materials, test groups and packaging items. You may also create publishing groups to publish data for import by an user added to that group.

See the following guides for further support:

For a customer to grant a service provider access to their account:
You must have Service Provider status to be able to be linked with a client account. Please apply to cosmetri Support for terms and applicable fees.

For a Service Provider to grant a customer access to their data in your service provider account:
This option does not require Service Provider status. You can create users of the type 'Customer', enabling you to securely share data with your customer. Each customer account requires that you have a user seat available in your plan.

You can also subscribe for additional user seats (Product Manager Enterprise plans), which cost €39 p.m +VAT. For further information on client user accounts, click here for an FAQ, or below to download a guide:

There are two ways to shared data with your customers:

  1. Client has their own cosmetri account and can add you as a service provider user. Ask them to select the 'Service Provider' user type and to enter the Administrator username for your Service Provider account. You will receive an activation email to set your password. Once the client has activated your user account, you'll see that account under 'Service Providers/Customers' and be able to click to login directly to the customer's cosmetri account. The client is responsible for setting any Department and Customer group permissions to control the level access you will have to their data once logged in. Under 'Service Providers/Customers' you can also view a summary of any tasks and notes the client has assigned to you.
  2. Client logs in to your account: create a user in your account of the type 'Customer'. Client users cannot see or interact with each other. Use the Departments and Customer group settings to set restrict their access and the actions they can perform. This can be especially useful for allowing customers to add and update their Projects directly in your account. For further information, check the following guide:


Our servers and all source code are routinely scanned using industry-leading scanning technology. We also contract an ISO 27001 certified cyber-security company to independently verify the security of our applications and servers. For further information please contact us.

All data is of course transmitted securely using high-strength encryption. To check our SSL certificate and security credentials, just click on the padlock icon in your browser or click here for a report.

Our servers are located in Germany - widely viewed as having some of the strictest privacy laws in world.

Traditional, on-premise software requires continual updating to keep it secure and compatible with OS upgrades. And if your PC crashes or is stolen, you could lose your data. With cosmetri software, you are free to access the service securely, independent of device, with your data always available. If you opt for cosmetri server hosting, we also take care of backing up your data  – something which many customers forget to do when using on-premise software. Additionally, your PIF data, GMP document archive, formulas, regulatory documents, log data and all reports can be exported at any time to your local drive, ensuring that you have local copies of all your data, if you require it.

For larger companies, we offer even further peace of mind through the Hybrid-Cloud hosting option. You can enjoy all of the benefits of SaaS cloud software while hosting your data and files on your own Linux web server. Click here to read more.

Only if you choose to publish specific data - for example to your client's account - and have been given publishing rights. Otherwise cosmetri data is never shared by us. Unlike some of our competitors, cosmetri does not share any data you enter in your account or offer any 'peer to peer' data sharing of raw material, compliance, toxicological or other data. The data that you enter or import into your account remains strictly your intellectual property.

To read our privacy statement click here.


You can use cosmetri to manage your safety data at the ingredient, raw material and product level. Safety calculations such as Max. Daily Exposure, SED and MoS are performed and all safety data can be exported. We are not able to provide direct support in formulation, legal or regulatory issues. If you would like us to recommend someone to you, please contact and we'll put you in touch with a professional who can help you out!

Check out the Getting Started Guide (PDF) to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of cosmetri and to learn step-by-step how to easily:

  1. Create raw materials
  2. Create a product
  3. Create a formula
  4. Build your formula composition
  5. Check compliance of your formula (EU)
  6. Add data and document
  7. Generate a compliant PIF

Click here to download the Getting Started guide.

For first-time users, you can also view a Getting Started video (based on cosmetri v3.0), which explains the basic steps required for entering your first product and formula, activating the Compliance Checker and working through the generated tasks until you can export a fully compliant product information file (PIF).

In all key pages of the cosmetri application you will see useful help panels with handy tips and an introduction to using the page. Once you are familiar with using cosmetri , click on the button at the bottom of each help panel to hide the panel, thus simplifying your user interface. To switch help panels back on go to your user options under / My Profile / Reset Help Panels.

Yes. The cosmetri user manuals are available as PDF guides, found under the menu item 'User Guides' within the application. You can also download them here.

For first-time users, you can also view a Getting Started video, which explains the basic steps required for entering your first product and formula, activating the Compliance Checker and working through the generated tasks until you can export a fully compliant product information file (PIF).

There is a lot of in-application help available in the form of help panels, which appear on every page and tab of the cosmetri application.

Cosmetri help panel

Once you have familiarized yourself with the information you can hide each help panel to free up space on the screen. If you need to reset the help panels, go to 'My Profile' in the user menu (top right) and select 'Reset Help Panels'.

Each field where you are required to enter data also includes a contextual tooltip which can be accessed by clicking on the [?] link.

Cosmetri tooltips

Technical support is free to all subscribers for problems and questions you may have for the following type of issues:

  • Bugs
  • Browser-related issues
  • Security
  • Advice on migration of your data
  • Upgrading, billing and payment

Subscriptions include free training. Please check the plans page for details. If you require additional training and support in using cosmetri, please click here to purchase support hours. Use the following link to schedule your training.

Click to Schedule

If you need urgent support it can still be faster to submit your request via email to We aim to respond to support requests by email, usually within the same working day (we're usually fast at responding - just ask one of our customers!) and this proves to be far more efficient and effective, since your request can be routed directly to the best person able to help you.

Hosting Options

cosmetri GmbH provides a software-as-a-service subscription model, which has many advantages including cost, scaleability, flexibility, fast adoption and minimal hardware requirements. If you represent a large organization with requirements for extensive customization, it may be possible to develop, host and maintain a dedicated version of the software, including the option for a white-label version. A license fee and additional maintenance cost would be incurred, in addition to the costs of the standard plan and user seats. To discuss your requirements please contact us.

Only if you choose to publish specific data - for example to your client's account - and have been given publishing rights. Otherwise cosmetri data is never shared by us. Unlike some of our competitors, cosmetri does not share any data you enter in your account or offer any 'peer to peer' data sharing of raw material, compliance, toxicological or other data. The data that you enter or import into your account remains strictly your intellectual property.

To read our privacy statement click here.

Product Manager Enterprise and cosmetri GMP Business customers receive their own dedicated database and FTP directory on one of our servers. Whether you are on shared or dedicated hosting, your data is never shared with other users. Dedicated hosting  however provides some advantages, especially to larger organizations, including:

  • Control panel access to your database, providing greater reporting, application and data integration flexibility.
  • FTP access to your files
  • Enhanced backup and restore control

Upgrading from a shared to a dedicated hosting plan will require us to migrate your data. This can usually be achieved within one working day. If you are subscribed to a Product Manager shared hosting plan and  wish to also subscribe to cosmetri GMP, we will upgrade you to dedicated hosting for free.

cosmetri GmbH were one of the earliest companies to offer a 'decentralised web' solution. The Hybrid-Cloud hosting option delivers many of the advantages of cloud-based software with your data hosted on your own Linux web server, which can be configured to run behind your organization's firewall. You login in using the same login page and method as other cosmetri users. A secure, encrypted user session is established to your server, with all read/write data transactions conducted securely to/from your own server.

Setup of Hybrid-Cloud hosting on your own server requires the following resources:

  1. Linux-based web server, accessible via https://
  2. Dedicated mySQL database assigned to a unique database user
  3. Unique FTP user mapped to a designated directory
  4. SSL certificate for connecting to files securely in the FTP directory

Additional fees apply to Hybrid-Cloud hosting. Please enquire.

Before you choose Hybrid-Cloud hosting and setup your Linux web server for use with cosmetri we recommend that you contact cosmetri support. We can advise you on whether we consider your server to be suitable, including running some basic tests to evaluate the server’s performance.

Virtual Assistants

Yes! We can provide training for one or more VAs in using the cosmetri software. Trainings are delivered online and can be designed according to your requirements. For details on our training and custom support fees, click here.

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)

If you choose to grant your virtual assistant (VA) access to your cosmetri account, their hours can be logged at the end of each day into their time-sheet. Under ‘Team / Activity Report’ you can generate and export a report showing your VA’s timesheet across any chosen time-frame, including tasks assigned to the VA.

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)

Wherever possible, we recommend that you conduct communication and share data and documents securely via your cosmetri account, using the built-in task management and notes/reminders as well as the document management features.

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)

You can hire VAs from around $3.50 per hour, using a commission-free service such as Outsourcely. To work with your VA in cosmetri you'll need to add them as a VA user. This counts as a normal user in terms of your plan's allocation of user seats. If you require further user seats, you can either upgrade your plan or if subscribed to Product Manager Enterprise or cosmetri GMP Business you can subscribe additional user seats. Contact cosmetri support for further information.

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)

You can create a special user of the type ‘VA’, enabling the following:

  • Set a monthly allocation of hours for each VA
  • Show the balance of total remaining hours, based on the time logged by all VAs
  • By default, all VAs are unable to access the Customers groups for setting permissions for which products a user can access
  • VA users cannot access the Team/Virtual Assistants page
  • Under Team/Virtual Assistants you can view all VA users and their status
  • Each VA user is displayed as a ‘(VA)’ in the task manager and user lists

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)

We recommend using a commission-free online service such as Outsourcely to find suitable candidates, enabling you to:

  • Review their CVs and work history
  • Check a candidate’s ratings and references
  • View online assessments, such as language proficiency and typing speed
  • Shortlist your favorite candidates
  • Interview and communicate with candidates
  • Pay your VAs directly

Click here to go to Outsourcely and start recruiting your VAs.

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)

Hiring the right VA and training them is your responsibility. If you wish us to train your VA(s), please purchase support hour credits by clicking here and then book your training sessions. The responsibility for the quality and accuracy of any data entered by the VA into your cosmetri account or elsewhere, as well as any other tasks that you request of them, remains with you. Data entered into cosmetri, such as formulas, raw materials, packaging items and manufacturing orders must be set to ‘Approved’ by an authorized person in your company.

Please keep in mind, that even the most competent VA will make mistakes. Your workflow should include quality control processes that reduce the possibility that such errors remain uncorrected.

Download the Virtual Assistants guide (PDF)


cosmetri software runs in a standard web browser and can therefore be auto-translated using the Google Translate browser plug-in.  We recommend using Google Translate running in the Chrome browser. While this may not always be a perfect translation, it should be adequate for using the software in your preferred language.

Our software uses UTF-8 character encoding for maxmium compatibility any natural language (Coptic, Sinhala, Phonecian, Cherokee etc). You can therefore enter your data in cosmetri in your preferred language. Try it for yourself by taking a free trial.

Default text in the reports generated by cosmetri software will still be in the default English language. We may be able to install language-specific report templates for you. Please enquire for further details.

Our software guides can also be machine translated into most languages. Please ask us and we'll send you a copy of these in your requested language.

If you are interested in partnering with cosmetri GmbH as a local representative, including providing sales and support in your native language, please contact us.

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