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Where and how should I store my PI files?

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The named Responsible Person (R.P.) must store the PIF at the address registered in the CPNP for a minimum of 10 years from the date your product was last commercially available. You are also required to maintain batch version changes of your PI files. If your product is still being produced and sold, it is essential to check regularly to ensure that your PI file is still up to date. Use the Batch function in your Product page to enter your batches and generate Batch Reports. This will ensure that any changes across your batches are logged. Save your batch reports in the same folder as the main PIF to ensure that you maintain complete documentation for each of your products. We recommend that you store your PI files on your local PC and also keep every formula in your Cosmetri account so that you can generate a PI file and batch report for any batch, whenever you need it. Always make sure that your production formulas in Cosmetri as this is the formula used to create your main PI files!