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Can I share data with my clients?

HomeCan I share data with my clients?

Yes. There are two ways:

  1. Client has their own cosmetri account and can add you as a service provider user. Ask them to select the 'Service Provider' user type and to enter the master admin username for your Service Provider account. You will receive an activation email to set your password. Once the client has activated your user account, you'll see that account in your 'My Clients' list and be able to click to login directly to the client's cosmetri account. The client is responsible for setting any Department and Clients/Brands group permissions to determine the level access you will have to their data once logged in. Under 'My Clients' you can also view a summary of any tasks and notes the client has assigned to you.
  2. Client logs in to your account: create a user in your account of the type 'Client'. Client users cannot see or interact with each other. Use the Departments and Clients/Brands group settings to set restrict their access and the actions they can perform. This can be especially useful for allowing clients to add and update their Projects directly in your account. For further information, check the following guide:


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