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How long does it take to set up my products in cosmetri?

HomeHow long does it take to set up my products in cosmetri?

If you are new to cosmetri, you need to be prepared to invest some time at the start - time which is well invested for the future efficiency of your cosmetics business. If you have your formula data already in spreadsheet format our data import wizard is a really fast way to get up and running. You'll find this in the left hand menu under 'Data Import'. We can support you in preparing your spreadsheets for import - just email and send us a sample spreadsheet.

To access the import wizard click below to login and then choose 'Import Data' in the left-hand menu:

If you do not have your formulas in a format that can be imported into cosmetri you can still easily build your formulas directly within the application. Download the Getting Started Guide (PDF) to find out how easy this is.

If you still require support in setting up cosmetri for your business needs, click here to schedule a free one-to-one call (via Skype or phone) with us and we'll help you out with any problems you are facing.


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