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How do I add an ingredient (e.g. 'pink clay') if it cannot be found in the main ingredients list?

HomeHow do I add an ingredient (e.g. 'pink clay') if it cannot be found in the main ingredients list?

You'll need either the INCI name or CAS number for any ingredient, both of which your supplier can provide you. Cosmetri has all 25,000+ ingredients listed within CosIng, that are available, so 99.9% of the time the ingredient you require will be in the list. Make sure that you look in the four additional ingredients lists (colorants, perfume allergens, preservatives and UV filters) since these ingredients are NOT listed in the main inventory.

Usually a quick web search using the common name will yield the required information. For example, 'pink clay' can be comprised of two separate ingredients - White Clay, Kaolin, (CAS CAS 1332-58-7) and Red Clay, Illite (CAS 12173-60-3). In such a case, you would need to create a raw material (choose 'New' under the 'Raw Materials' menu) and then add these two ingredients to the raw material composition, saving the new raw material under the trade name 'Pink Clay'. You then add this raw material directly to your formula. Please ensure that you enter the correct Min.% and Max. % amounts for each ingredient in the multi-ingredient raw material - again, you need to check with your supplier and/or your safety assessor that this is correct, or check any Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) you may have.

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