How does the Ingredients Watch feature work?

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Product Manager monitors any changes to regulatory data for ingredients in your raw materials and formulas. You must be currently subscribed to a regulatory data for a compliance zone to receive notifications. Only formulas that are associated with the compliance zone will be monitored, as set in the formula’s ‘Compliance’ tab. In your Product Manager ‘My Profile’ settings, under ‘Ingredients Watch’ you can set the reporting period either by number of days back from today’s date, or by selecting a time frame ‘start’ and ‘end’ date. In the Ingredients Watch page, ingredients updated for any subscribed compliance zone will be listed. Click in the ‘Raw Materials’ or ‘Formulas’ column to view a list of the raw materials and formulas that use the ingredient, as well as the min. and max. %w/w.

Ingredients that are reported by Ingredients Watch as updated may not have any significance for compliance – for example, the regulatory authority may have corrected an INCI or added further data to the ingredient record. We recommend that you view each ingredient and regulatory data and if considered insignificant, you can set the status for that ingredient as ‘Approved’ by checking the associated checkbox. A date/time stamp and user details will be logged, each time the ingredient is approved. If the ingredient is updated after approval, the approval status will be automatically reset, ensuring that you are alerted to any further changes.