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How can I save money on my bill?

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Cosmetri software for cosmetics businesses

You can save up to 100% on your bill by referring friends or associates to Cosmetri. Once logged in, just select 'My Referrals' from the user options (top right).

How do referrals work?
When you refer a friend to a paid account you get 10% off of your monthly bill. A referral is claimed when your unique coupon code or link is used when a friend sign ups for a paid account.

Is there a maximum discount I can earn through referrals?
Absolutely not! With 10 active referrals you can discount your bill by 100% and reduce your monthly bill to zero.

How long does each discount last?
You keep your discount for as long as your friend keeps their paid account, or for a maximum of 12 months.

Can I keep getting discounts after 12 months?
Yes! You just need to refer more people. Each individual referral gives you a discount for up to 12 months.

If I already have 100% off can I keep referring?
Of course! Any new referrals you earn will take the place of your oldest dated referrals. This ensures you’ll keep your discounts as long as possible.

What happens if my friend signs up for a different subscription level?
Discounts work between all different level subscriptions.