How can I subscribe additional cosmetri GMP user seats?

HomeHow can I subscribe additional cosmetri GMP user seats?

The number of included user seats is determined by your cosmetri GMP plan. If you require further user seats, you must either upgrade your plan or subscribe additional user seats. cosmetri GMP user seats are subscribed on an annual basis and can be purchased as single user seats or as packages of 5.

User seat subscriptions are tied to the renewal date of your main plan. For example, if your GMP annual plan subscription starts on Jan 1 and you subscribe 10 additional user seats on Feb 1, you will be billed 11/12th of the annual cost, with the additional user seat subscription then billed the following Jan 1 at the full annual price.

Please note, that a user seat subscription is specific to one application – therefore if you require a user to be able to access both applications, they will require two user seats, one in Product Manager and one in cosmetri GMP.