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How do I get started with using cosmetri?

HomeHow do I get started with using cosmetri?

Check out the Getting Started Guide (PDF) to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of cosmetri and to learn step-by-step how to easily:

1.    Create raw materials
2.    Create a product
3.    Create a formula
4.    Build your formula composition
5.    Check compliance of your formula (EU)
6.    Add data and documents
7.    Generate a compliant PIF

Click here to download the Getting Started guide.

Whether you’ve recently subscribed to cosmetri, or would like to take a free 14-day trial, you can easily import demo data and explore the key features of cosmetri. Find out how easy it can be to:

  1. Optimize and customize your default settings
  2. Set up product quick links for easy navigation
  3. Associate packaging sets with the product’s pack sizes / SKUs
  4. Perform formula cost simulations
  5. Activate an additional compliance zone and associate with a formula
  6. Check compliance of a formula
  7. Configure pre-built test groups for a demo formula and raw material
  8. Set a formula to production-mode and activate the Compliance Checker
  9. Check the Compliance Checker tasks
  10. Generate a product dossier/PIF

Click here to download the 10-Step Demo guide.

For first-time users, you can also view a Getting Started video, which explains the basic steps required for entering your first product and formula, activating the Compliance Checker and working through the generated tasks until you can export a fully compliant product information file (PIF).

In all key pages of the cosmetri application you will see useful help panels with handy tips and an introduction to using the page. Once you are familiar with using cosmetri , click on the button at the bottom of each help panel to hide the panel, thus simplifying your user interface. To switch help panels back on go to your user options under / My Profile / Reset Help Panels.