Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

HomeCan I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

For Product Manager Starter and Business plans, you can upgrade your plan at any time (including trial accounts) and we will prorate your subscription, transferring any credit to your new bill. Go to your dashboard (or user options) and you will see an option to upgrade your plan. If additional payment is required the amount due will be calculated and you will be charged accordingly.

If you wish to upgrade to the Product Manager Enterprise plan and have your data transferred from your existing account, please contact us to request the migration of your data. You will need to first signup for a new Product Manager Enterprise plan by clicking here and then grant us temporary access to your new account and database. If you have any credit for your current subscription we will refund you the difference.

To downgrade a plan please check that your account does not exceed the maximum allowed resources on the lower plan, such as the number of products, active users or compliance zones. Downgrading from Business to Starter plan can then be performed automatically from your account, when logged in as the administrator. For technical reasons, downgrading from Product Manager Enterprise is not possible.